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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Stand America’s ground! (10/31/2012)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

All he or she talks about is this: “We need to rid America of all this vileness!” Well, what is wrong about someone wanting to rid America of vileness? Shouldn’t all Americans be concerned about what the destroyers of good are doggedly trying to change in America? We should be supporting, encouraging and joining forces with the dutiful patriots who are fighting to protect and preserve what is good for all Americans.

All of the patriots of America should become defenders to prevent the DOG’s (destroyers of good) attempt at replacing that which has made America the greatest and most blessed nation on earth. We must never be seen hightailing it from the battle against the DOG - those who are hellbent on destroying and replacing that which is good for all Americans. America needs many more patriots who will be willing to join forces with other patriots of America in order to save, protect and preserve what is best for all Americans.

If we cower and let the DOG have free rein to destroy and replace what is good in America without involving any battle-ready patriots, will we witness less perversion or more perversion in America? Obviously perversion will become even more prevalent. Good things are always worth saving. So if there are enough patriotic volunteers who are willing to join in the battle against the DOG, then America will not become polluted with more and more perversion.

More good will be replaced in America if we retreat whenever the DOG try to replace something that is honorable with something that is shameful. Because too many Americans have been in an uncombative mode (or AWOL), America is now reaping the shameful results of not doing battle with the DOG. So shame on anyone who complains when patriotic folks volunteer their services to combat the shameful intentions of the DOG.

How did America become the greatest and most blessed nation on earth? Was it because of decent values or degenerate values? Was it because Americans had righteous characteristics or wrongful characteristics? Was it because they were concerned about living out their lives in a righteous way? Absolutely!

We should never discourage or criticize the patriots of America who are doing what all Americans should be doing: fending off the attack of the DOG. After all, the intention of the DOG is to bring more vileness to America. America’s patriots deserve our support, never our condemnation.

We must not allow the threats and demands of a few DOG prevent us from stopping the encroachment, enforcement and spreading of that which would bring more vileness to Americans. All of us should stay in the battle and defend what is right and good for all of America. Wrongdoers (the DOG) should never be given the right of passage in bringing more vileness throughout America. The DOG can be defeated if good folks (America’s patriots) will stand America’s ground. 


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