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  Tuesday January 27th, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (11/11/2012)
By Al Owne
Maybe Iím approaching my kitchen disasters wrong. I read an article telling me not to apologize for my cooking calamities, just change the name. I think sheís talking to someone who makes a minor error in preparing a dish. On the other hand, my problems defy names. Although I did name the Summer Slush, Summer Sludge. That doesnít add anything to the appeal of the brownish looking goop that I ended up with.

I could rename some of my mistakes. The words ashes, rocks, and slime come to mind. On the other hand, if I leave them anonymous, I can name them after they are finished one way or another. ďFlaming noodle soupĒ, ďLoin ashes,Ē ďSummer sausage slime on toast,Ē would make good re-names for some of my gourmet glitches, I think. I have come up with one good kitchen alias: BLT in my kitchen usually means Bologna, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich.

A recent episode in a comic strip brought out a problem for us older widowed folks. The son of a widow questioned her about some checks she had written to an on-line acquaintance. Although it turned out she was being scammed, she initially became upset that the son was looking in her checkbook.

Where is the line between snooping and helping? There are so many criminal types in our society who prey on senior citizens it probably is a good idea to have some kind of extra check in our financial dealings. Ok, I say that, but Iím very fussy about who is nosing around in my business, just like you. However, I do tell some of my support staff (children) when Iím planning on a big purchase. I also try to keep someone at the bank apprised of my unusual purchases or credit card dealings. Most of my life I was too poor to worry about someone getting access to my checking account. Anything over $25.00 would have probably bounced!

I have the opposite problem on the Internet. Some woman in Africa is always trying to send me money. It seems her husband died and left five million dollars for charity, but she canít do anything with it, so she wants me to take it and distribute it to needy children in Minnesota. Iím flattered that she trusts me with this large sum, but Iím a little suspicious. She also wants me to send her my banking account numbers so that she can make that deposit.

Iím kidding of course; I do get these e-mails regularly but I usually am not tempted by them. Many of them are humorous, though, and fun to read. Iím not so naÔve not to think that someone does believe her and supply her with the required numbers only to find out that she (?) has cleaned out their accounts. Otherwise why would we be constantly reading about older people falling for the ďYouíve won a million dollars in our Canadian lottery, but youíll have to send a check for $2,000 to pay the taxes and handling fees?Ē Be careful out there, itís a jungle!

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