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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Veteranís Day (11/11/2012)
from T. M. Schoewe

This day, the 11th of November, marks the 30th anniversary of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. Ten years ago today, we had the privilege of delivering the invocation for the memorial service held at our Veterans Park, and while that great wall of names overwhelms Washington D.C. visitors, the monuments here in our park remind us of over a million and some five hundred thousand veterans who made the supreme sacrifice of their lives for our country.

As we honor all our veterans this day let us recognize the Lord of Nations has blessed this land with freedom and be grateful that history has given us some great dates to keep our memories bright, lest we forget. This day of remembrance the 11th of November is but one. We also have the 7th of December, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and for the past ten years now we have a great deal to recall on 9/11, when war was declared on every man, woman and child in the U.S.A. For the past ten years we have been engaged in a long campaign to crush this evil which was turned loose at the twin towers in New York and which still plagues many nations throughout the world to this day and has cost thousands of lives. We have paid a great price for our freedom and shall pay a further price for it but we shall prevail and freedom shall not perish from this earth.

We ask as you read this to join my spirit in prayer: Gracious heavenly Father we bring our Thanksgiving this day for all our veterans. We honor them in our remembrances, as well as You Almighty God, for You created this world and everything in it and Your great Words says it was ďvery good.Ē But we see sin and Satan spoiled this perfection. And the fallen state of mankind is all around us. It is evident as Satan again and again rears his ugly head through the acts and deeds of evil men, wreaking havoc and wanton, deliberate destruction, devastation and death. In your mercy, oh God, look down on your people and grant peace to the families who have lost loved ones; comfort those that have been psychologically and/or physically wounded. Grant us all the determination to prevail in troubled times and provide those in the Armed Forces with the stamina and fortitude necessary in their mission. Grant wisdom and courage to our re-elected President and our nationís leaders as they carry out appropriate action and respond to the plots to destroy our way of life. We pray for the family of the Ambassador to Libya who was killed, then disgraced in the streets of Benghazi, and for the Seals that died trying to defend and rescue him and several others that were left in harms way. Help us all to support this campaign against evil and to do so with patience until the job is done. It has its tentacles in sixty nations. It will take time. Grant us endurance not only to defend and protect our freedom but to share it and promote it. This we pray, in His name, the Savior of the world and the Lord of the universe.



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