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  Monday January 26th, 2015    

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What really matters? (11/11/2012)
From: Mary Zimmerman


I suppose everyone would answer that question within their own sphere of knowledge or situation. I think that would include age as well, so perhaps best I speak mostly for myself. Baptism really matters for everyone.

There are seven sacraments within the Catholic Church and baptism ranks as number one. It opens the door to receive the other sacraments and also opens the door to heaven. Christ said, ďUnless a man be born again of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God.Ē (St. John 3.5) Baptism is the sacrament that takes away original sin and gives our souls the new life of sanctifying grace by which we become children of God and heirs of heaven (taken from revised edition of St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism.) It was a great joy to recently witness the baptism of our youngest grandsons, Eli James and Conner Duane.

Occasions such as this really bring us joy and happiness. Now what pride and joy we feel as we witness 3-year-old Conner Duane march down the aisle to give a donation to Father Jim at St. Maryís who holds out a small basket and asks children to come forth with a donation if they wish. I just feel like shouting, this is my grandson - yes these are the things that really matter.

So what matters to me is whatís going on in my life at the time. When I was baking pies a few years ago, it was working hard to reach my goal of 1,000 pies. When raising my family it was trying to keep them all (7) happy, healthy, and doing the right thing. When I eventually experienced an empty nest, I wondered if Iíd done a good job. I did my best. Now I know it was good. My children are all good people. I never tire of giving them my love and receiving theirs.

I pray and trust God will give us all the graces to see us through this troubled world and walk us home (heaven) some day.

More and more I realize how important my faith is to me. The gift God instilled in me through my parents, especially through their good example. Faith in God has been my rock and my shield to carry me through many troubled times. But I think because of them, and despite them, it has helped me to discern what really matters in life. Upon the death of my son Duane, I felt the closest contact with him was to get close to God. The closest contact I have with God is to receive Him in Holy Communion. At that time I ask Him to give my love to Duane, Melvin, Elaine, and all my family in heaven.

As I continue to advance in age, material things become less and less important to me. In the end it all boils down to love, the first two commandments.

Iíve come to realize itís a lifelong process of discerning what really matters in the end. When we get all worked up about some little matter (donít sweat the small stuff) we need to ask ourselves will this really matter in the end? God bless you. 


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