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  Friday February 27th, 2015    

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Voter guides are a must! (11/18/2012)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

The contrast between the two political parties in America is not being realized by the constituents of one party. If the constituents of this party could look at the records on issues these governmental officials have voted on—for or against—of their party, these constituents would become shocked and very angry. Their party votes nearly 100% against that which is good for all Americans. If the truth ever became known as to how this party voted on important issues, their constituents would stop casting their votes for them.

Not allowing the American voter to see the voting records of both parties (on every issue), is not a good thing for Americans.

One party is vehemently against voter guides getting into the hands of the voters. This party realizes that if their voting records are seen by their constituents, it will probably be curtains for them. The only ones who would continue to support them would be the very few who are like-minded (those who are also anti-good). Obviously the vast majority of their supporters would soon be casting their votes for the party that is for the good of the country.

No wonder America is in a dreadful mess! America will be in even more of a mess if one party’s voting record remains hidden from its constituents. It is of utmost importance to all Americans that these anti-good men and women’s voting records are shown to all Americans.

One party untruthfully says that it is the other party that is anti-good. The guilty party is the one who doesn’t want these voter guides in the hands of their constituents.

It is inexcusable that one party in Washington is getting the go-ahead to demoralize America. This wayward party is destroying Americans’ good way of life.

Nearly everyone knows which party is anti-good. It’s the party that will fight tooth and nail to outlaw voter guides from getting into the hands of their constituents.

All voters need to insist that all the names from both parties be shown on these voting guides and that every American be given a voter guide. The information on these voter guides will protect Americans from the party that is determined to destroy more and more good in America.

Now what is one party trying to hide by refusing to allow these extremely important and informative voter guides from getting into the hands of all Americans?

Voter guides will allow us to see if we have a pack of “wolves in sheep’s clothing” (those who are anti-good) in Washington. Yes, there are those who will say what people want to hear and then do just the opposite. Yes, we do have such a party in Washington, therefore it is a right (an absolute necessity) that every American knows who these anti-good governmental officials are and to not continue to give them our votes.

Allowing an anti-good party to continue to govern us will not add to the good of America. An anti-good party will only bring more demoralization upon America. Therefore if any governmental official is against voter guides, he or she should never get our votes.

If all Americans were able to look at these voter guides, every American would now be convinced that voter guides are a must! 


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