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  Monday January 26th, 2015    

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Jeopardizing much good in America? (11/21/2012)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Are there those in the present regime that are guilty of 1) spending taxpayers money foolishly, 2) not observing the National Day of Prayer, 3) forcing Americans to accept something that they do not want, 4) saying that we are not a Christian nation, 5) saying that it is wrong for Americans to own guns, 6) making negative comments about those who have Bibles in their house, 7) saying that Americans are causing problems by having firearms in their homes, 8) saying that we are homophobes, racists, hate mongers and bigots because we are against abomination, 9) saying cutting remarks about Biblical Christians, 10) making false statements and sadistic comments about good people, 11) implying that Americans are too old-fashioned, 12) not having any respect for the Constitution of the United States, 13) accusing our sons and daughters (those who have enlisted in the armed forces) of wanting to conquer other countries, 14) saying that Americans come across as being high-and-mighty to those from other countries, 15) apologizing for America because Americans are lying about the goodness of America, 16) wanting Americans to accept and conform to a way of life that has failed in country after country, 17) emboldening the enemies of America by remaining soft on tyrannical dictators from several countries, 18) being a chronic distorter of the truth, 19) hiring a member of an irreligious, unorthodox cult, 20) not supporting the military, 21) not having any concern for grandpa’s and grandma’s physical needs, 22) anti-Semitism, 23) being unconcerned about giving hundreds of billions of dollars (for gas) to those who hate us, 24) saying that those who create jobs are to be vilified and penalized with higher taxes, and 25) of being hell-bent (determined) that there be no chance of partisanship? Are there those in the present regime in Washington that are of this mindset or inclination?

It would be unconscionable (against all reason) that nothing would be done about rectifying a gross travesty against all Americans. A programmed travesty (one that is aimed at all Americans) could be averted if the media would do what is right (their duty) and tell the truth about the deplorable agenda of one party of the present regime. After all, have we not been mindful of their demoralizing tactics from day-to-day?

Many people actually (?) believe that those who are in agreement with the 25 above mentioned statements have been a godsend. This is very discouraging and very troubling. Can any American honestly say that he or she is not being governed by a party that is jeopardizing much good in America? 


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