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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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‘Oh, when will they ever learn, when…’ (12/02/2012)
From: Finbar McMullen, FSC

When Bush won reelection in 2004, one of the British newspapers had a headline that covered the whole front page: HOW CAN 50 MILLION PEOPLE BE SO STUPID?” I am now prompted to ask the same question of the 58 million who voted for Romney after a campaign that was one blatant lie after another? Before the election a few TV commentators noted that a vote for Romney would be less a vote for Romney than a vote against Obama. That observation was borne out by the proliferation of hate messages sent out from the Red States after the election. So, which is worse, to be ignorant, or to be full of hate? Following the GOP’s handwringing over how to capture more of the minority votes has been both amusing and pathetic. Their attempts to solve this problem will only be recognized as the hypocrisy that it is. Bobby Jindal had it right when he said that we must first be interested in them. That is quite a tall order. Republicans, at least since the Post-Lincoln era, have been interested only in the wealthy. Changing this would take massive genetic modification. Can you just imagine the awesome swoosh that would be heard around the country if this were to take place in 58 million people? Cries of anguish for hours.

The hypocrisy of the GOP is legendary for anyone who cares to look. All their talk about small business is just a smoke screen. Small businesses cannot prosper unless people have the spare money to spend. Unions have been the single dominant factor for securing decent wages, even for workers not in unions. The saying: “A rising tide raises all boats.” fits here. Yet, the GOP has always been against unions. Think back to the Robber Barons, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Vanderbilt, and J. Pierpont Morgan. If it had not been for the unions, factory workers would still be doing 8–10 hour days, six days a week, with hardly anything to show for it. Even to this day, some Republicans would like to do away with the minimum wage, as pitiful as it is. Henry Ford was an exception in doubling his worker’s daily wage so that they would be able to buy his cars. Early in Obama’s first term the GOP kept saying that small businesses were the backbone of the economy. But, at a time when banks were not making loans to small businesses, and Obama wanted to get a bill through the senate to guarantee loans to small businesses, the Republicans filibustered it for five months until two of them broke ranks and voted with the Democrats. This wasn’t even for money to be spent, just to guarantee defaults on loans. Republicans blame Obama for the income of the middle class being flat all during his term, yet they filibustered everything he tried to do. Never mind that middle class income had been flat since 2000 (think Bush tax cuts) even though productivity had steadily increased, year after year. Clinton had it right when he pointed out that, during the past 50 years, job growth under Democrats has been nearly double of that under Republicans.

Does anyone think the Republicans have changed since the election? Just pay attention to the haggling over resolving the fiscal cliff. Protect the two percent to “create jobs.” The same old, same old. Genetic modification, anyone?



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