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  Sunday October 19th, 2014    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (12/09/2012)
By Al Owne
I wonder who the brilliant soul was who came up with the idea to dress food preparation people (cooks) and food distribution people (servers) in black? Those employed in the food business have historically worn white and thats what we eaters expect. Even cartoonists depict chefs, cooks, and bakers dressed in white. Lets see who is it that they know well recognize in black? The first two professions that come to mind are morticians and clergy, and Im not sure I want that image in my mind while Im eating.

Some of my older male friends question my habit of making my bed every morning. Youre just going to mess it up again tonight, they say, Why go through all that bother? Others tell me that they just straighten the bed up. I make it every day and Ill tell you why. (You knew I would.) If youre my age, you remember your mother worrying about you being in an accident when you were a child. She was worried about your wellbeing, but also about what you were wearing; especially underwear. She didnt want the medics ripping your clothes off to save your life only to find that you had raggy underwear on. What would the doctors think?

I figure if Im out and get hit by a car, end up in the hospital, and cant get home, people will come to my house looking for personal things. I dont want them to say, Oh, look at that messy bed! I want them to say, The house is messy, but, boy look at that neat bed!

I also understand that there are those among you who are saying, This guys nuts!

If you live alone, you will probably understand this; if someone else is frying your hamburgers, you may not. Ive been going through a series of different eating styles. For a couple of months Ill buy healthy food at the stores and whip up delicious, good-for-you foods. Then Ill go through a period of time where I hit the frozen food shelves and dine on pizza and pot pies. Then Ill hit a period of eating out, saying, Yeah, I know its not good for me, but Im tired of cooking and doing dishes. I have a sort of food personality disorder. Right now Im in frozen food mania. I buy three pizzas on sale and theyll last for quite a while. If you cut a 12-inch pizza in eight slices, you can eat it in two-slice entrees four times. I learned to warm them up in a frying pan (the green one) on low for a crispy presentation. Then you can alternate on-sale frozen pot pies. I wonder what my digestive system is thinking? Oh, man, were on the frozen food kick again; lets send him a message.

We are entering the Christmas Season. What am I going to do about cards? Each year I decide not to send any, and then at the last minute I break down and get out the list and go to work. This year Ive decided not to send any: well see how that turns out. (Id say Ill keep you posted, but that would be pretty lame.) Help a widowed person put up decorations this week.

alnada2704@gmail.com or care of Winona Post, P.O. Box 27, Winona, MN 55987



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