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  Tuesday January 27th, 2015    

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Waiting (12/09/2012)
From T.M. Schoewe

In this advent season we find ourselves waiting, just waiting, of course, for Christmas. In downtown Chicago a giant Christmas tree was set up two days before Halloween, almost two months before Christmas. We Americans are not very good at waiting! By the way, many of us consider waiting a waste of time. We often say “don’t just sit there, get going doing something!”

Patience! Patience! That’s just not a characteristic of most Americans. Patience is a virtue we admire in the driver behind us, but detest in the driver ahead of us. And in the doctor’s office our appointment winds up being an hour late so we leave in a hurry and end up running into a red light and then a traffic jam, only to have to wait again for a long coal train to pass by. Too long in waiting can cause stress and raise our blood pressure. Thank goodness the long-term advertising tells us we can have whatever we want NOW. So our waiting often becomes just a big wide space between where we really are and where we want to be NOW, or what we want to have NOW!

Here we need to note that in the Bible one of the big themes is waiting. Read the Psalms. Note how many times they speak about waiting. “I wait for the Lord” and “I wait for the Lord all day long.” And you can read that famous passage in Isaiah chapter 40: “Those that wait for the Lord will renew their strength, they shall mount with wings likes eagles, they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not be faint.” And almost all of the waiting in the Scriptures is when times are not good. So we go to church and sing again and again, “O come, Emmanuel and ransom captive Israel.”

At the end of His earthly life, Jesus tells His disciples to look forward to that which is to come, to wait, to anticipate the future. Keywords are “to watch,” “stay awake,” and “be hopeful,” looking for the complete fulfillment of the Child born in Bethlehem, looking for the reign of God. Heaven and earth shall have passed away and there will be a whole new creation, where under His rule there will be no tears, or pain, or death and we will know true joy with that Child that was born in Bethlehem, Christ our Lord and God.

Keep waiting! You will not be disappointed!  


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