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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Advent again? (12/09/2012)
From: Mary Zimmerman


Another year is coming to an end. Doesnít time just seem to slip away? Live every moment in Godís love and grace and with it comes the Advent season, which leads us toward and into Christmas time, such a memorable and important feast day. We again start singing, ďCome, Lord Jesus come.Ē Letís really take that to heart this year, ďthe Year of Faith,Ē really get into what Christmas is all about.

Donít let paganish beliefs lead you to dwell upon and think Christmas means just Santa Claus, Christmas trees and presents. No, no, Christianity tell us there is so much more, a much deeper meaning and significance.

Let us prepare to put Baby Jesus in the crib on Christmas Day. There can be no real celebration without Him. Keep in mind, ďJesus is the reason for the season.Ē Children need to be taught that at a very young age, otherwise we face the danger they may never know the truth behind and the real meaning of Christmas. Besides getting presents, children should be taught to give them as well, including how to prepare a gift for Baby Jesus - their hearts. Yes, that really makes Advent a special preparation time. It isnít as much of a penitential time as Lent, yet Advent should be the occasion of a pre-Lent as everyone starts preparing their hearts in some special way. Maybe we need to replace pride with humility. Let love take the lead in practicing forgiveness. After all, from the crib to the cross is only a short distance (time), as our journey of life in this world is relatively short as well compared to eternity. So letís live it well. Advent is a good time to start a prayer tradition in your home if one doesnít already exist. Perhaps start with grace before meals but donít stop there. Prayer is a conversation between you and God and we need not do all the talking. I assure you, you wouldnít be reading my article if I didnít write down the many inspirations God gives me as I begin an article. Give God the glory and praise. However, I do accept encouragement. Iíd love to hear from my readers.

As we proceed with Advent, you and I as individuals can know what areas of our hearts need to be repaired and made clean (confession), to make them a more loving present to Jesus for His birthday. Anyway, Advent is a time to work this all out, sort out the clutter and clean up the messes. Then come Christmas, as you sing ďJoy to the World,Ē surely that joy will be within your heart as you give it to Jesus - as your gift - on His birthday. Come, Lord Jesus come.

P.S. I think I will continue in my next article. Come, Lord Jesus come. Father Jim said today at Mass we should say that little prayer many times a day during Advent.

P.S.S. We met our new great-granddaughter Aviana Marie, last night for the first time. She is very small (2 lb. 5 oz.) but so beautiful. Surely Godís masterpiece, made in His image and likeness. Such love her parents Kris and Pam are feeling and showing her. A baby is such a precious gift from God. Why canít America see it that way? 


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