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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Political errors and dopiness (12/19/2012)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Political correctness is a misnomer. Political correctness has been a stealthy scheme to change or eliminate anything that is good for something that is not good.

Have we ever heard even one politician say, “Look at all the progress that we have made in America since the conception of PC. Look at all the improvements we have made here and here and here.”

Of course the PC crowd will never allow anyone to compare the PCs new ways with the old ways, because the new ways of the PC crowd have not turned out to be better than the old ways. We will never hear them say, “We used to do it this way, but we can see that the PC way is so much better.” No. PC has proven itself to be an utter failure.

Is the PC crowd not aware of the adverse changes that they have made and are attempting to make in America? Was the PC notion conceived and brought about to better things in America or to purposely make things worse in America? Since there is no proof that things are getting better in America (as a result of PC), can we assume that the intention of the innovation of PC was diabolical?

Why isn’t there a movement to replace PC with something that would be beneficial to A? If PC was doing something good in America, the media would be bragging about the PC crowd incessantly. However, we need not plug our ears because the media and the PC crowd know that PC is corrupt.

Why haven’t we heard “This is the mastermind who brought about PC?” If PC is such a great and beneficial idea, why hasn’t this person been acclaimed or applauded with endless accolades? If PC has been so beneficial to America, why hasn’t America been blessed with any evidence of it?

We have been bamboozled into accepting (tolerating) that which is the opposite of good. We can say (factually) that the person who brought PC to fruition knew that the outcome of its acceptance and practice would never result in anything better for America. No. This person’s name should be at the top of the list on a Wall of Shame, along with the names of the government officials who should have unanimously rejected such a obviously detrimental idea. This person and all those who have embraced PC should be arrested and incarcerated for robbing America of much good.

What Americans are putting up with today is political errors and dopiness.  


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