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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (12/23/2012)
By Al Owne
The old saying, ďItís an ill wind that blows no good,Ē is an apt saying when looking back on my last cookie disaster. While cleaning the stove top, which was covered with melted butter, I found using high-powered glass cleaner as the final step really does a good job. I had purchased this cleaner from a commercial catalog thinking it would come in a five gallon jug to mix; it came in a huge box with five gallons of cleaner in spray bottles.

I also received some tips from readers on keeping brown sugar from becoming rock hard. Ironically I found a new bag of brown sugar tightly sealed in a plastic bag a few days later. Although it has to be at least three years old, it was in good shape. Iíll try some of those handy tips to keep it that way.

Al has a dilemma! Iíve received invitations to get together with some of my readers and I donít know what to do. While on the one hand, I certainly would like to take you up on your offers, I donít want to spoil the image of Al Owne quite yet. I mean Al Owne is me and all the adventures he writes about are real stuff that I am doing and have done; thereís no fiction at all. Iím afraid if I exposed myself (maybe Iíd better say that differently) if I revealed my identity, people would say, ďOh, itís only him!Ē They would be disappointed and it would spoil the image of this bumbling widower, although thatís me. I hope you understand, and Iíll have to quit someday; even I canít keep doing goofy stuff forever, and I wonít make stuff up just to write a column.

Christmas time is sort of the ground zero of widowed life. There are so many things that weíve done as partners at this time of year, itís very difficult to face it alone. Iím not going to try to tell you how to cope with the emotions flying around your head. Iíll tell you what Iím going to do. Iím going to turn out the lights except for the tree on Christmas Eve, sit in the darkened room, and think about the good times that we had over the fifty-plus years we had together. If you want to have a good cry, do it; I might do a little of that too. Iíll laugh too when I think about some of the funny things that happened.

We didnít have much our first year so we bought a ďCharlie BrownĒ tree, filled a bucket with sand, stuck the tree in it and started to decorate it. By gosh it looked pretty good. The next morning, my wife heard me laughing in the small living room. We had put all the ornaments on the good side of the tree and during the night, it tipped over face down on the floor.

Take a few minutes to pray for the parents of those children in Newtown, Connecticut.

Merry Christmas. Alnada2704@gmail.com, or care of Winona Post, P.O. Box 27, Winona, Minn., 55987



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