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  Friday February 27th, 2015    

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Another Christmas at the Zimmermans (01/06/2013)
From: Mary Zimmerman


I could be writing about the new year, with all the resolutions that have been made, perhaps some already broken. Instead, letís talk about Christmas once more. Father Jim at St. Maryís Parish reminded us that the Christmas season really lasts until January 13, the baptism of Jesus, so donít be in a hurry to take your tree down. Itís a good reminder to focus on Jesusí birthday celebration, and to put into practice the virtues and graces He has just given mankind in this special season. I gave Jesus my Christmas list every morning, followed by prayer, knowing it is all too complicated for Santa Claus, but not for God. Come, Lord Jesus Come, hear and answer my requests. Many are for my dear family; you know how much I love them, and you love them with a Divine love which is even stronger. Jesus donít disappoint me. I trust in you.

My husband Jim went to 8:00 p.m. Mass on Christmas Eve, then we both went to 8:30 a.m. Mass on Christmas Day. It surely was a glimpse into heaven itself. I found my mind wandering back to the joyful times we had all our family with us including Duane. Then memory lane took me even farther back to my childhood with my parents. The gifts were few in those days. We focused more on Jesusí birthday, often going to Midnight Mass, going up to the Christmas crib with my mom and little brother Jim and putting a nickel or so in a dish. Well, by now I realized tears were ready to come, but I didnít want them to, so I tried to focus on the Christmas joy so many around me seemed to be experiencing. Yet I know for those who have recently lost a loved one, itís hard to feel that joy.

Christmas Day was Eliís first birthday too. What an honor to share a birthday with Jesus. Father Berning and the whole parish sang happy birthday to Eli - how cool is that?

Eli already walks. It shouldnít be too long before big brother Conner Duane takes him by the hand going down the aisle at St. Maryís to give Father Jim a donation, too. I think that would be real cool. Course Iím his grandmother.

Most of our crew (23) enjoyed a delicious dinner. Our daughter Lynette and granddaughter Melissa leading us in prayer first. Then we were in the middle of dishes when there was a knock on the door and bells ringing. Wow, Santa Claus himself. With angelic smiles on their faces the children welcomed him and waited for their names to be called for their gift.

I had a chance to visit with Santa too. He said he takes time to read my articles in the Post. What a nice Santa. Santa asked me if Iíd been good. All I could really say is, ďIím trying.Ē Guess that wasnít good enough for Santa, because he didnít give me anything. Oh well, I really didnít need anything anyway.

So another Christmas Day has passed, but I see no reason, with Godís help, we canít celebrate Christmas every day of our lives - to live, laugh and love - and of course pray. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year. 


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