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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (01/13/2013)
By Al Owne
I got a little overconfident in the kitchen again. I usually make my Sunday morning pancakes with a simple mix. All I have to do is put a cup of the mix in a bowl (I actually use a large plastic measuring pitcher), pour in ĺ cup of water, and stir it with my Rachel Ray whisk. Iíve become pretty good at that and I donít know why I try to change the routine. I guess I like the challenge. Last Sunday I dug out a box of mix that takes a little more skill that I bought by mistake. It uses an egg and oil in addition to water. I mistakenly thought my skill level was improved enough to try this recipe again. However I simply compounded my mistakes and came out with a hard, falling apart, blackened mess for the first two cakes and an acceptable, but not very tasty third. Iím thinking I didnít put enough of something in the mix because the box directions say I should get about six pancakes and I barely had three. I put the box back and Iíll leave it for a while again before another attempt.

Speaking of recipes; I read one in the paper that seemed like something Iíd like to try. The main attraction was something about beer that caught my eye. After reading it, I decided that it was too large an amount and it didnít seem possible to cut the recipe easily. However, I came across a new cooking term, or at least, new to me: the author said let the batter rest. You mean the batter gets tired? I suppose she meant I should just set the batter aside and read the paper for a while or something, but that seemed like a weird thing to say about a blob of dough. Iíve been involved in dealing with batter when I needed to rest, but I never thought the batter got tired. I donít think Iíll ever understand the cooking, baking routine.

Iím going to re-hem a pair of pants. I would say wish me luck, but I think Iíve outsmarted the sewing machine this time. I noticed that the one pair of pants had a hem, that didnít have any stitching, coming loose; it is just kind of un-folding. So it was done without thread. ďAha,Ē I said, ďI can just redo this without starting up the feared sewing machine.Ē All I have to do is find something that people who know what they are doing would use. I happened to be going to a city south and a little east of here with a large mall and I know from taking females there that there is a store with a rhyming name that would probably have such a thing. So I entered this football field sized store filled with every imaginable type of thing that anyone with time on her hands could use for hobbying or lobbying. With some survival skill radar I went right to the ďSeam TapeĒ section. Not only did they have it; they had all different types and sizes. I picked out what I needed, I think, and checked out. Now I have to use it!

Think positive in the coming new year! Alnada2704@gmail.com., or care of Winona Post, P.O. Box 27, Winona, Minn. 55987 


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