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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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World, come back to church (01/13/2013)
From: Mary Zimmerman


It is New Yearís Day as I write this. I thought my next article would be about our hopes and expectations for the new year, but God seems to be telling me this topic is more urgent: invite everyone, all His children to come back to Him, to His house - church.

Some time ago I wrote an article ďCatholics Come Home.Ē It was an organized effort to encourage Catholics to come back to church. It touched many hearts and souls to do so.

My conscience has been tugging at me ever since I mentioned in a past article, going to church wasnít necessarily a ticket to heaven. Now I wondered if Iíd given people the wrong impression. If so, I wish to recall that by telling you just how important it is to go to church for every person, no matter their religion. We need to come to the realization we will all die someday; we will stand alone before the throne of God to review our life. He gives you a lifetime (some shorter some longer) to prepare for this all-important quiz. Either you pass the test or you donít, so study hard. Itís the most important accomplishment in your whole lifetime - to save your soul and help others along the way to do so as well. Parents, stand up to the responsibility you have to pass the faith on to your children. I assure you, a lot of points count one way or another on this. I am still trying to make up some credits on this (writing spiritual articles). I so want to be instrumental in bringing people back to church and helping save souls. I donít want anyone to have to hear these words, ďI donít know you, depart from me into hell forever.Ē As you know hell is not my favorite topic and I seldom mention it. I know itís not a cool place, that for sure.

Jesus must have been very sad that many people didnít come to His house (church) to wish Him a happy birthday on Christmas, but He patiently waits and invites us to ask (prayer) for the grace to come back.

I beg you - most especially Catholics right now - donít play the hit and miss game. (As you get to know God better you will not want to). Make it your priority to attend Mass every Sunday and holy day. There are a few special days in the life of the church that we are obligated to attend - December 8, the Immaculate Conception; December 25, Christmas; January 1, the Solemnity of Mary (we give Mary honor and thanks for the great role she has and is playing in salvation history); Ascension Day celebrated this year on May 12; and November 1, All Saints Day. Letís all go the extra mile for these days. Remember Jesus did, He went all the way to Calvary for us. I assure you with letting God walk the road of life with you (going to Mass, confession, etc.) our crosses of life become somewhat lighter.

I wonder if I have made more friends or enemies with what I have just written. Thatís the risk Iím willing to take when itís a matter of saving souls.

Now I ask you dear Jesus, let me be your helper all the rest of my life to bring souls back into your friendship. I say to all the world, come home, back to church.

Jesus, Mary, I love you. Save souls.

P.S. I just lost my brother Lavern Mack on December 29 in California. More on that later, please pray for him. 


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