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  Thursday February 26th, 2015    

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Happy New Year (01/20/2013)
From: Mary Zimmerman

Well, Iím finally getting around to joining you all in welcoming in another new year. The old one has retired but leaves us all with a certain set of memories, some very joyful, some very sad. Let us rejoice with one another for the happy times and weep with those who mourn, for whatever reason. As for our family, we joyfully welcome in a new member, our great-granddaughter Aviana Marie. She arrived very tiny but is doing great, now weighing 5 lbs. We are all anxious to get more acquainted with her after the flu season passes.

My heart especially goes out to those who have lost children this past year, or any year. We lost our dear son Duane on July 6, 1976. Sometimes it seems so long ago and then again just like yesterday. I do say the pain eases somewhat with time, but the tears never totally dry up. However it has brought me to appreciate our six living children even more, while Duane still remains in my mind and heart forever.

I lost my brother Lavern this past December 29. He lived in California. I had not seen him for 58 years. Now I wish we would have reminisced even more often on the phone, sharing many memories. This past week I dreamt so vividly Iíd gotten a letter from him. At first I was confused, addressed to Sister Mary Anne, knowing I wasnít a nun, then realizing it was from my brother, dictated through his daughter Diane (Lavern was almost blind but accepted it so well). The next morning I found no letter so I guess it was just a dream. A couple priests visited my brother and he received Holy Communion. So I trust in Godís mercy as I continue to pray for him and have Masses said.

I had made myself a mental note to be upstairs cleaning the storeroom, sorting the treasure from the trash, by January 2. I havenít made it yet but hope to soon.

As far as New Yearís resolutions, Iíd like to lose a little weight, but I guess I wonít lose any sleep over it. I canít afford to lose sleep, that is. Ha. Monsignor Colletti mentioned in his sermon at Mass on New Yearís Day, he wasnít the best at keeping resolutions, either. But he did read to us ďthe 7 ups.Ē I will share them with you as room permits.

I have a special birthday coming up this year on April 11. Just how special it is Iíll let you guess. A hint - somewhere between 60 and 90. Another hint - some years ago you may have seen a sign in our yard - honk, Mary is 39 again. That wasnít correct. Just a handful know for sure and they ainít telling.

So letís look forward to a happy, healthy new year as this Year of Faith continues. Let us pray for Godís grace to grow toward spiritual maturity, remembering Godís laws differ from the worldís. I pray this will be the year abortion will stop - forever giving babies the freedom to be born. Remember God loves you and then so do I. If you meet me and forget me you lose nothing. You meet God and forget Him you have lost everything.



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