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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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No more delays; end frac sand (01/23/2013)
From: Marvin (“Bum”) and Betty Kieffer

St. Charles, Minn.

We have both had businesses in St. Charles through our lives and raised our family here. We retired and built a new home here (near the sign that boasts “Gateway to Whitewater”) so we could be close to our family and lifelong friends. St. Charles has been our home for 59 years.

The threat of the nation’s largest frac sand washing plant trying to push its way in, ruining our way of life, and destroying our town is unacceptable! We worked hard through our life so that we could enjoy our retirement in our peaceful, friendly town. Any ONE of the MANY problems associated with the sand plant is already too much - our health, our water supply, our safety are serious issues that cannot be glossed over or overlooked. Our town is in jeopardy of being taken over. All this for what? The city has said it won’t even lower our overpriced utility bills! No amount of money will ever come close to what this sand plant will take away from us individually and collectively! Far too many of our young families are talking seriously of not raising their families in such an environment. They chose St. Charles because of its warmth, peaceful environment, friendly people, and safeness. This is a problem that we cannot let happen - we need young, growing families in our community.

When we read the sand/oil company’s ridiculous promises and remarks, we are even more convinced that this cannot happen here. They are sounding desperate!

St. Charles is a nice, clean, friendly, bedroom town and we want it kept that way. The information from our Concerned Citizens (most of the people in the town), Cherokee Road Neighbors, and nearby citizens is the information we will rely on. The people in our area and town have joined together with widespread concern and determination to stop this. We want this threat to our lives and property to end now! We want the city government to take the people and the signed petitions seriously and respond to us by ending this frac sand invasion. They were elected to serve us - not the corporations!

We don’t want the city attorney making more ordinances and the city zoning board wasting time to do more studies - for what? We have more than enough information. We are asking our city government to respond to us, whom they were elected to serve, NOT the sand companies. Do the right thing. Common sense can win and good people can win! What are you waiting for? There is no reason it can not be done NOW! 


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