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  Wednesday January 28th, 2015    

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An open letter to Jim and Shannon Hanzel (01/27/2013)
From: Gene Thiele

Your open letter to Congressman Walz appears to have been premature. You say, “Your constituents‚ shotguns and deer rifles are in no danger of being confiscated.” But on January 24, several members of Congress proposed a new measure to ban the sale of about 150 types of firearms, including some rifles and handguns, as well as the sale of high-capacity magazines. We are no longer talking about just assault rifles. The proposal allows current owners to keep them, but the grandfathered firearms will have to be entered into a “national registry.” Once registered, confiscation is just a matter of sending out the “jack booted thugs” to collect them. It has happened before.

Since Jim and Shannon brought it up, let’s have a public discussion before we take any rash steps. (Unlike New York state which has already passed and signed a gun ban as a hasty reaction to Newtown). There are many ways to protect our children without stamping on the rights of a minority. FBI crime statistics for 2011 show 323 homicides committed with a rifle and 496 committed with hammers or clubs. Surely Senator Feinstein would not propose registering hammers? Between 2003 and 2011, America has averaged 31,000 gun deaths a year. That is appalling by any standards. During the same period, America has averaged 38,000 motor vehicle deaths a year. Again appalling, but statistically our children are safer from gun violence than they are from mini-van and SUV accidents. Banning high-capacity magazines as the cause of homicide is akin to banning cars that can go over the speed limit to prevent car accidents. President Obama would NEVER let GM go under.

During the same period, America has averaged 91,000 rapes (according to the AMA the most underreported of all violent crimes). There are no words to express our disgust at those numbers. But in the end, confiscating guns to prevent gun violence is akin to confiscating male genitalia to prevent rape. Congress would NEVER allow that. Rumor has it some congressmen still have theirs.

The way to protect the most children? America performs 1,200,000 abortions per year. No need to comment on that number other than the optimistic view that it is down from the peak of 1,600,000 in the early 90s. Gun deaths, although unacceptable, pale by comparison. And Senator Shaheen would NEVER consider banning abortion.

And by the way, what happened on Attorney General Holder’s watch is criminal. Citizens everywhere should look into the Justice Department’s gun trading with the Mexican drug lords.



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