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  Wednesday January 28th, 2015    

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A bout with Satan (01/27/2013)
From: Mary Zimmerman


I guess Iím pretty good at pouring out my heart and soul to my readers, so perhaps Iím not too far out of line in sharing my recent experience, with a touch of fiction added.

Recently, after Iíd slept a few hours, two nights in a row I awoke to find Satan trying to wiggle his way back into my life. (He might have succeeded if I hadnít called out, Come, Lord Jesus, Come). He said, I have a special gift for you. It was all neatly wrapped with a large bow attached. No, thank you, with the bleak thoughts and feelings I was experiencing I knew very well he wanted to dump a load of depression into my life again. (Iím not saying depression necessarily comes from Satan, but he watches carefully for an opportunity to attack). Thatís the gift he wanted me to accept. Thatís just the way he works, heís such a lair you know. Satan wanted to take me by the hand and lead me back into the past. Wanting me to waste my time again trying to relive and change the past. He tried to convince me I failed as a mother. He tried to convince me to stop writing articles, that I was snatching souls from him. I guess that was a slip of his tongue. I started to listen to him, til I realized what was happening. Then I raised my voice and said, beg your pardon Satan, I have six wonderful children, I lift them up in prayer every day, trusting God will answer on behalf of my children and the world. So go back to hell where you belong. God will win, you know, because I asked and I trusted. Trust is the bridge we must cross to get to the heart of God, then wait on the Lord.

Parents, are you wondering how to protect your children in this world? That seems like Satan is gaining more ground all the time. Well, No. 1, you are their first teachers. Teach them well - to pray, to live, laugh, and love within the presence of God. Be aware of many booby traps he sets. At the present time there are five R-rated movies showing. This terrible display of sin is being flashed before the eyes and souls of so many people. Yes we need to look at gun control but letís look also at all the possible effects of all the violence coming from bad movies, video games, pornography, and perhaps even facebook as well. These surely can lead to an encounter with Satan. If we donít have enough spiritual strength to ward off the temptation, then it may very well have harmful effects on our emotions and souls. There are good movies available also and we should support them.

As we try to understand and control the violence in todayís world, that must include the war against unborn babies. Twenty children were tragically gunned down in Connecticut. How sad. Every day an enormous number of babies are killed through abortion. Letís all give that a long look as well.

In conclusion, doesnít it all boil down to putting on the armor of Christ so when Satan does attack we are prepared. No we wonít see him with horns and tail, with pitchfork in hand. No, he can be discovered in many ways. We just need to recognize his ways of attacking us and our children and quickly call out for help. Come, Lord Jesus, Come.



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