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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Mommie! (01/27/2013)

From: Mrs. James Zimmerman

Minnesota City, Minn.

Mommie Love Me

Mom, my life has begun within you several weeks ago. Yes, I have a special room, mom, just next to your heart. I am very excited about my future birth.

God called me into being and chose you as my mother - Iím most anxious to meet you.

Iím looking forward to seeing all the beauties of Godís creation - the world. Oh, I know life holds its problems, but it is a necessary journey to a future life with Christ.

I am aware of so many of my future friends being killed by abortion, but I really donít understand why! What have we done that causes mothers to kill us?

God doesnít want that to happen. He was so concerned that He made it the fifth commandment, that tells you mothers, thou shall not kill us.

I tremble in fear, not knowing if this too shall be my fate.

Remember Christ loves me - canít you? Mommie please love me! You are my only chance for life and love.

Mother Please Love Me

Iím just your little girl, my age is only three, mom. Iíd like, more than anything, a beautiful relationship between you and me.

As you beat and hit my little body, it bleeds with hurt and pain, yet the heartache I feel hurts even more, must I love in vain?

If you gently spanked my little hand as I did something wrong, this Iíd gladly understand as this is what God wants you to do, to teach me right from wrong.

Itís that you never love me, even when Iíve done no wrong. Life would be so beautiful if only you could care.

But to spend all my days without your love seems more than I can bear. I heard thatís why God made mothers with hearts of love to share with the lives of little children He entrusted to their care.

Itís the special job God gave you. God loves us little children. Mother please love me, why canít you.

Mom Please Love Me

Mom, I am now thirteen, not really a child, not yet an adult.

I know so often I stumble and fall as I walk away from the childhood stage, perhaps race toward being an adult a bit too fast.

Sometimes the world seems sunny and bright and Iím going the right pace, then again darkness ascends, and it seems a continuous night, and Iím lost somewhere in the race.

But mom, Iíll make it I know, if only I can be sure that you understand thereís love between us, even if I donít always let it show.

Mom, I donít really mean to do wrong, and I do know you need to discipline me, if only I can be sure within your friendship Iíll always belong.

If, of your love I canít be sure, then thereís no one on earth that will really care, because thereís a special love only parents have to share.

I know God still loves me and waits always patiently for me to pray, to tell Him my joys and sorrows of each day.

Before I close I have just one more thing to say. Regardless if Iím not yet what you wish Iíd be, promise me just the same - mom, youíll love me. 


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