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  Friday February 27th, 2015    

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2013 Dignity (01/27/2013)
From: T.M. Schoewe

Last week we celebrated Jesus’ going into the river Jordan for humanity, and a couple of weeks ago many of us celebrated another Christmas which is to say we believe the words to the Shepherds, “unto you is born a Savior.” That is true every day in this New Year that you believe it! Indeed, it is true every day period!

Here are a few thoughts from a sermon by Pope Leo I “The Great” (400-461 A.D.) about what the birth of our Savior means to all of us. Pope Leo asserts that we should also be glad that no one is kept from sharing this happiness; that there is for all of us one common joy, because our Lord, the destroyer of sin and death, finds none of us free from the charge. He comes to free us all! So let the saint be glad that he draws near to victory. Let the sinner be glad that he is invited to pardon. And let the heathen and every Gentile take courage that he, too, is called to life. Why? Because the Son of God in the fullness of time took upon Himself the nature of our humanity to reconcile it to its Author and Maker, so that the inventor of death, the devil, might be conquered through His human nature. That conflict was undertaken for us! That fight for us was fought on the wondrous principle of fairness, for our Almighty Lord fought His foe not in his majesty but in our humility. He opposed the devil with the same nature with which He shares our mortality, but He was free of all sin.

So let’s give thanks to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that had mercy on us when we were dead in sin and has awakened us to life in Christ our Lord, that we might be in Him a “new creation.” That, my friend, is your dignity now! It holds for 2013. And it holds in your life every day…every day you believe!

Then put off the old man (our human nature) with its sinful deeds and thoughts! And having a share in the coming of Christ, renounce the works of the flesh and acknowledge your dignity in being a partner in the divine nature!

You might take these verses with you in 2013. Referring to Luke 2:35, a poem by Jerry L. Walls:

“Christmas Eve”

Adam’s rib was Christmas Eve

Foreshadow of a pierced side

Who pulling down forbidden fruit

Set fast in motion Yuletide

Joseph’s bride was Second Eve

Endowed with gift of pierced soul

Who bowing down to own his will

Joined God in making wounded whole

P. S. We are thanking our Lord this weekend for 68 years of marriage and for giving us our personal dignities. 


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