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  Monday January 26th, 2015    

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Gun control will weaken country (02/06/2013)
From: Dennis Loeffler

For Dennis Jennings, Finbar McMullen, and others who think the Second Amendment is out of date, I have a few things to consider. Yes, we were armed with flintlocks, which happened to be the “assault weapons” of the day. We needed the most modern guns to go up against the premiere army of the British. Remember, we went up against OUR government in the American Revolution. Our Founding Fathers were guilty of treason. Certainly not everyone agreed we needed to overthrow the British. Does this mean they shouldn’t have done it?

The gun owners today are the militia. Our militia has millions of firearms. It is the largest army in the world. This is why foreign powers are leery of attacking us on our soil.

All guns originally were made to kill. Most of our firearms advances come from the military arms. Also remember the Germans in World War II wanted to ban shotguns in combat, because they were too inhumane. All of you hunters who think your shotguns are safe, think again. If you think that won’t happen here, ask the Australians what they thought.

If you think the Founding Fathers could not possibly have imagined firearms advances, I wonder why we have pondered ray guns and phasers for 60 or 70 years? If you think firearms have advanced far beyond our Founding Fathers imaginations, what do you suppose they would think of cell phones, TV, and the Internet? These have advanced exponentially faster than firearms. We can now communicate instantly anywhere in the world, when it would take at least weeks to communicate in the Founding Fathers’ days. Do you propose we eliminate freedom of speech and freedom of the press?

The purpose of the Second Amendment was not about hunting or sporting purposes. It was the insurance policy protecting all the other rights. It was about being able to overturn a tyrannical government, as the Founding Fathers did. The beauty of this is, as long as we have it, it shouldn’t ever be needed. Lose it, and it’s too late. The other rights will follow. I fear passage of these bills now being considered will lead to civil war. Nobody wants that. Several states are already saying they will not obey excessive federal laws on gun control. They want to secede from the Union.

History, history, history. Look back at our country’s beginnings. Look at the history of gun control in other countries. There is only one conclusion. Gun control will bring the country to its knees and make it vulnerable. 


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