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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Itís time something is done (02/06/2013)
From: David Degallier

It seems every day we read more stories of people going off the deep end and killing innocent people unnecessarily. Why do we allow this? People are dying senselessly in our streets every day. Many of us, for whatever reason (we all have an excuse), decide to get behind the wheel of a killing machine with the potential of taking lives. We are not personally responsible for this because we were either abused as a child, or our self esteem is too low, or we were born alcoholics, or something. But these machines are so readily available that it is easy to use them. We now have millions of them on our streets. This is out of control. Even with mandatory registration, they continue to kill people. We really donít need them. There are plenty of other ways of getting around. Some countries get along fine without any. Those countries have ZERO traffic fatalities. Why canít we learn from them?

I would like to propose they be outlawed all together, but most wonít give up their car without a fight. They claim to live in a free country where they have a right and a privilege to drive. Therefore this will have to be done in stages over time. Letís look at what could be done to make our streets safer.

1. Ban all vehicles that are black or look fast. No spoilers or ground effects should be allowed.

2. Gas tanks should be restricted to only four gallons. Limit fuel purchases to only twice per week.

3. Make fuel sparse and very expensive.

4. Require governors to be installed on all vehicles, reducing maximum speed to only 40 mph. Nobody needs to go faster than that.

5. Ban all automatic transmissions. Manual shifting was good enough for my grandfather, and it should be good enough for us.

6. Ban all lighting in and on all vehicles. This will reduce the number of vehicles on the road at night to almost none, making it much safer for us all.

7. If you have a criminal record at all or might tend to be a bit unstable emotionallyóno more driving for you!

8. No more children allowed in vehicles. They can be far more distracting than a cell phone and they are much better off in the safe care of a government facility.

9. Stiff penalties for driving into a ďCar Free Zone.Ē

10. No buying a vehicle for someone else or giving one away.

11. No buying a vehicle from an unlicensed dealer or individual.

12. No purchasing a vehicle in a state you do not live in.

13. Phase out the production of new vehicles over the next five years.

14. Phase out the production of all auto parts over the next ten years.

15. Mandatory jail time for anyone convicted of maintaining or repairing any vehicle.

Eventually, our streets will be safe once again. (At least from law abiding drivers; but, we have to start somewhere.) 


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