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  Wednesday January 28th, 2015    

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Cowards in the White House (02/06/2013)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Is there criminal, treasonous behavior and that which is unconstitutional going on in Washington, D.C.? Is such diabolic behavior going on unchallenged in the White House?

The evidence of such destructive, wrongful behavior is ever before us, yet such vile behavior continues to go on unchallenged. Such cowardly inaction has not brought about anything good for America. There is an ample amount of evidence (wrong changes), about the loss of good, that inaction has brought upon all the citizens in America. If wrongdoers go unchallenged, we will continue to witness the deterioration and disappearance of more and more good in America.

The mannerisms of wrongful governmental officials get our attention. We notice and remember those who exhibit wild gesturing and strong compelling words. Since wrongful GOs speak loudly and are bold, good GOs should speak louder and be bolder still. Shamefully, wrongdoers in Washington, D.C. speak out loudly for anything that would be wrong in America, while good GOs remain silent and will not defend that which is right and good for America.

There are too many good GOs who are fraidy-cats, who are afraid to do what is required to defend and sustain what is good for every American. Being a dunderhead is not going to bring victory in saving and preserving that which is good. Wimpy chatterboxes are never going to ward off the destructive intentions of the loud-mouthers in the White House.

The wrongful GOs come across like bolts of lightening, while good GOs come across as irritable static. Their nearly inaudible rhetoric and passive attitude has resulted in giving place (bringing about) to more and more of that which is wrong. Since there are more than 300 million citizens at risk of losing that which is good, there shouldn’t be any cowardism in the White House.

We know there are wrongful GOs who fight very hard for that which is wrong; therefore good GOs should be fighting much harder still; after all, the onslaught of wrongfulness is not going to end if cowards continue to cower in Washington, D.C.

The citizens of the United States need to send an ongoing tsunami of letters to the White House and also flood the White House with an ongoing tsunami of phone calls. Every American should demand, should insist, that the cowards at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue get off their posteriors and get into a battle mode against the wrongdoers in the White House. Every GO should be doggedly determined in putting a swift end to that which is criminal, treasonous and unconstitutional.

We should remind ourselves as to what has taken place in so many other countries when good folks did not speak up and defend what was good in their country. Wrongdoers must never go unchallenged in any country; after all, that which is good should always be tenaciously defended and preserved. However, at the present time, good in America is being lost because of cowardism. Good is also being taken away and replaced by that which is shocking and perverse.

Who is to blame for the disappearance of good in America? The cowards in the White House.

P.S. The GOs (wrongdoers) who are guilty of destroying good in America should be held liable and incarcerated. 


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