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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (02/10/2013)
By Al Owne
Let me start with a little tip for those of you who have been forced into the unfamiliar confines of the kitchen. Do not leave a metal spoon in a pan which is over a hot burner especially on a gas stove! Not only will you have sore fingers, but a metal spoon can cause damage when thrown.

Last time I mentioned the mystery of the missing whisks. In household equipment my late wife and I believed that one was OK, two was good, and three was perfect. We had a lot of stuff. I understand that this is common for those of us who grew up poor in the Great Depression, when we lived in homes without many kitchen tools and appliances.

I had been having trouble mixing batters and one of my children said, ďWhy donít you use a whisk?Ē ďOK, Iíll just get one and whisk this batter,Ē I replied. I couldnít find a whisk! Not one. Although I knew there must be at least three around somewhere. I looked high and low; far and wide, no whisk. I bought one even though I thought I might be struck by lightning, or stung by giant bees; I bought a kitchen utensil. Not only did I buy a whisk, but a fancy one with a padded, colored handle with a young womanís name on it. It was hard to go through the checkout lane with that fancy whisk.

That was over two years ago. The other day I was in the guest bedroom (formerly ďGirlsí roomĒ) that we had been using to store stuff after a kitchen remodeling project. We couldnít throw away all that old stuff that was stored in deep drawers and cabinets, you know. There was a big box under a smaller box and I didnít know what was in it, although Iíd moved it several times to get to something else. You guessed it: all that was in that big box was five whisks of different sizes and a couple of dish towels. I took out the smallest one because it was cute; left the others there, closed the box, and placed the other box back on top of it. Did I hear laughter, or was that on the radio?

I cook too much food so I use freezer containers a lot to store the overruns. Itís a pain to tear wax paper to the right size to separate food items. Iíve started using a box of wax paper squares made to separate hamburger patties. Itís the perfect thing; it fits perfectly in the freezer containers. I looked closely one day at the little box which also acts as a dispenser. When did the Post Office start using zip codes?

The address of the manufacturer of these handy squares is Portland, 1 Oregon. Hey, they work and thatís all thatís necessary in my kitchen.

Iíve never gone south for the winter, but Iím getting tired of these daily snowfalls. On the bright side we are in February and the sun is getting higher in the sky each day. Spring is on its way some groundhog said, and I believe him. Is it a he or she groundhog? Its name is Phil so Iím guessing male, but it could be short for Phyllis, although women are too smart to crawl out of a nice warm bed to look at their shadow.

Alnada2704@gmail.com or care of Winona Post, P.O. Box 27, Winona, MN 55987. 


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