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  Friday February 27th, 2015    

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Shootings are a symptom of moral decay in U.S. (02/10/2013)
From: MM1 John Rossin

U.S.N. Retired

The letters written last Wednesday appear to be by people who do not grasp the real problem of gun control.

What we are witnessing today is merely a symptom of the decline of the moral character of our society.

Growing up in the late fifties and sixties, my brother, cousins, and friends played cops and robbers, army, and cowboys and Indians. We knew it was make believe. Just pretend.

When Gene Autry or Roy Rogers shot a bad guy we knew the bad guy was dead. Movies and television were able to tell a story without all the realistic blood and gore we now have. Romance and love stories could tell the story without all the nudity and graphic sex scenes.

At that time Catholics, Protestants, and the unchurched were in agreement that certain types of graphic violence, nudity and sex were not suitable for public viewing. In those days many homes had guns and committing murder with a gun was unusual. Certainly not as frequent as today.

My schoolmates and friends would never ever think of killing someone with a gun or a knife. We could not imagine a student bringing a gun to school. In those days older boys had what was called a penknife used for whittling and cleaning fingernails. Not one boy would dream of stabbing somebody.

What was it that kept us in line? We were instilled with the idea that killing someone was a most grievous or mortal sin. We believed we would be punished by God for eternity. The unchurched knew they would be severely punished by civil authorities. We Christian kids were instilled with a conscience and knowledge of right and wrong, even the unchurched kids had a concept of right and wrong.

Sadly, parental authority in the home declined, family life as it used to be fell by the wayside. Today, traditional families are the exception rather than the rule.

Traditional Christians who desire to worship in the same manner as their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents are being portrayed as extremists and right-wing crazies.

Liberals for some unknown reason have determined that traditional Christians and Jews are a danger to the liberal program of turning the United States into a socialist banana republic.

I firmly believe the graphic bloodletting and explicit nudity and sex portrayed in movies and video games are a significant part of the problem. The most important part of the problem is a couple of generations with no religious training and no conscience.

Gun control begins with the mother and father teaching the children a righteous fear of punishment from God for taking a human life. 


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