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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Gun control (02/13/2013)
From: Eric Halpern

Fountain City, Wis.

The truth is often frustrated and maligned by despicable and senseless acts which invariably twist, contort, manipulate and conceal it. Nonetheless all problems are still better dissected under the microscope of truth.

As the nation wrestles with the highly contentious and emotionally charged issue of gun control, it is imperative that we engage and confront this topic both truthfully and judiciously.

First off, let me concede that the law-abiding and legal gun owners are not the problem. I do not fear or revile you, even if you choose to carry an assault type of weapon with those high capacity magazines. If that’s what “trips your trigger,” (no pun intended), then you go for it, Rambo. With almost 300 million guns in circulation, empirical evidence illustrates that the preponderance of guns are in fact owned and deployed quite responsibly. If they were not, even the man in the moon would surely need a flak jacket while hovering over the U.S.

But bigger questions loom, and I want to know why we as a nation are so infatuated and enamored by guns? Who is buying them and why? Like an episode of Hoarders, we are toting them home by the truckload as the manufacturers gleefully feed this paranoia and addiction.

But to be candid, these gun enthusiasts are not the problem. After all, if guns were so inherently dangerous, how could anyone possibly make it out of a gun show alive? Furthermore the gun ranges are safely well-attended as these thrill seekers perforate cardboard cutouts of the bad guys on Saturday afternoon.

Miraculously, our politicians now seek to control and regulate this class of law-abiding gun owners under the deceptive guise of desperately needed gun control. Wow, why didn’t I think of that solution. Mission accomplished!

With volumes of gun control statutes not worth the ink they were written on, the politicians wring their hands while constantly dreaming up more foolish legislation which will only be adhered to by the law-abiding gun owners anyhow.

The gun debate has wrongly bogged down and gotten off track. It is now centered around those assault rifles, with their high capacity magazines. Yet in 2011, 6,220 people were killed with handguns, compared with 323 by all rifles, including the so-called assault weapons.

But in their infinite wisdom the politicians have not been deterred by these raw facts. Incredibly they merely push aside the truth and ask, why does anyone need an assault rifle, or high capacity magazines? They are operating under the grand illusion and false pretense that if they could just rid American soil of assault rifles they would greatly diminish the gun-related tragedies. I do not endorse their naive rhetoric, but I wish it were true.

Unfortunately, I have reached the nauseating conclusion that all the gun laws in the world will never fully ensure that we do not suffer another mass shooting.

So as the Obama administration scrambles to window dress the gun control issue, I can only hope that they search out and weigh the truth before enacting more misguided laws which will only hobble and alienate the law-abiding gun owners in the end.  


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