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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Second Amendment - Part one (02/13/2013)
From: Bruce Montplaisir

Altura, Minn.

The Supreme Court has assured us that ďA well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.Ē is an individual right and not something only conferred on militias.

The Founding Fathers writing the constitution were not aware of the types of guns we have now, nor were they aware of nuclear arms or biological weapons that can be carried around in a small brief case; but they were aware of history and did know that throughout history the resources of nations tended to become more and more concentrated in fewer and fewer people to the point where those least able to defend themselves using the laws designed by the prosperous to benefit the prosperous had to revolt to survive. But that isnít the only option.

Most people in management positions soon learn that they have power to get things done that is divided into two parts: the power they have as a result of their position and the power they have as a result of their influence with other people. The more managers use the power of their position to get things done the more they will have to use that power to get the same things done; the more managers use the power of their influence with other people to get things done the more that part of their power grows.

This is true whether you are managing a school district, corporation, classroom or you are a parent managing a growing family. It is also true in managing personal interactions with other people on a personal basis.

Another thing that managers can tell you is that the main reason people are let go from positions is lack of personal interaction skills. Personal interaction skills are learned early in life; long before children enter kindergarten.

Our best weapon to counteract violence is early child and family education; not making sure everybody has a gun whenever they go out in public.

There are organizations such as The American Legislative Exchange Council that put a lot of money into state elections to get people elected that will help them funnel our Nationís resources into their membersí accounts. These are the kinds of people the second amendment is there to protect us from. These are also the people that will try to divert money away from things like early child family education referring to them as ďNanny StateĒ programs.

If we want, we can make our communities safe for people that donít carry guns all the time. We donít have to make every possible weapon that is possible available to anybody that can afford to have one to protect the second amendment.

Part two will be published in Sunday, February 17 issue. 


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