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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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This is the day (02/24/2013)
From Mary Zimmerman


Yes, every day in some way brings into our lives something different than yesterday. Thereís sure to be some blessing to thank God for, to remind us every morning, this is the day the Lord made, give Him thanks we have it. I stumble over ďlet us rejoice and be glad.Ē If you have recently lost a loved one it may very well be a long time before you can feel and see it that way.

Yet eventually in our sadness and suffering we realize God walks us through those difficult times. Iím speaking from experience of the terrible days I had after losing our son Duane, and the many dark months I had while walking through the valley of depression. Oh yes, I still look at Duaneís picture and wish it was all just a bad dream, but I know itís reality and that is my cross. I know Iím not alone, trusting we will all meet up again in the joys of heaven.

Every day I try to look forward to something. Packing my sonís lunch and attending daily Mass are good for starters. Also, looking forward to the Wednesday newspaper containing the sales. Iím still trying to figure out if Iím wasting too much time trying to save a little money with the hassle of coupons and all. I can recognize someone I know smiling about that. Ha. Then of course, early Saturday morning ((I have a Post special delivery, thank you Chris) I check the Winona Post to see if my article made it okay. Then my daughter Lynette comes to help me shop. To name just one more, it would be the joy I receive from the love I feel through our childrenís phone calls.

Today Lent begins, we call it Ash Wednesday. In church we receive ashes on our foreheads as a grim reminder weíre not here (in the world) forever. In the six weeks of Lent it gives us time to mentally gather up our faults and sins (the wrong we have done and the right we have failed to do) then take them all to the foot of the cross (confession for Catholics).

Itís very commendable to give up favorite food, etc., and that which may be harmful to our bodies which house the Holy Spirit. I can almost guarantee you will find it easier to lose weight, stop smoking, etc., if you do it for a Lenten penance, versus a New Yearís Resolution.

There are also many positive gestures we can habitually set in motion in Lent. Besides the deeds of mercy, giving alms and the like, donít forget love, as charity begins at home. So should love, its effects will ripple far and wide in love and forgiveness helping us shed our selfishness and pride. In the end, let us rejoice knowing some of the old has passed away and we have become new creatures in Christ Jesus.

Yesterday was the day our dear Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation. Surely he was inspired by the Holy Spirit to do so. Now he intends to spend more time in prayer, giving all of us the hope and trust the world will come to realize the terrible sin of abortion and the aftermath of war, and come to realize God is God and we arenít, then wanting to follow His advice to love and forgive one another as He loves us and forgives if we ask. This will truly be the day the Lord has made, we do rejoice, we are glad. Thank you God. 


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