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  Wednesday January 28th, 2015    

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What does the future hold? (03/03/2013)
From: Mary Zimmerman

Well, we donít know what the future holds but we know who holds the future. We should find some solace (comfort) in that, yet we are all involved in planning the future by expressing our God-given free will. That can be frightening, still every human being should always strive to conform their will with Godís holy will. Life would be much more reassuring and peaceful if we didnít try so hard to keep up with the demands (ways) of the world.

God has been sending His Mother to us earthlings now for a long time. Fatima, Betania, Venezuela, Medjugorje, to name a few (more on that later). What is the message Mary comes from heaven to earth to tell mankind - itís penance. Repent and turn from sin or suffer the consequences. We were all reminded of that on Ash Wednesday as well, spread the gospel and repent. Lent is such an important period of time to prove to God we love our neighbor enough to share the good news (gospel) of salvation. We must realize this is not done by word alone but that our kind deeds do much toward connecting others to Christianity, our examples as well, and donít forget what just a smile can do. I humbly give of my time each week to share my gift of writing (some say I have this gift) with all of you good readers in hopes of bringing you closer to God, and myself in the process.

The Divine Mercy is Godís greatest attribute, available within a certain time frame which no one knows what the future holds, yet we know God made heaven large enough for every single soul He created. He hopes when He gives the final roll call He will hear - present - itís His delight to know His death upon the cross was not in vain for you and me.

There is so much restlessness in todayís world. Itís not the world I knew as I was growing up. We made every effort to get to Sunday Mass to hear Godís word and receive the graces He just waits to give out. Missing Mass is just taken so lightly these days. See what the catechism has to say in this regard! Then again, faith is a gift from God and perhaps we havenít shared ours as we should. How awesome the Mass really is, it will be of tremendous help to put our trust in Godís love and mercy to lead us into the future of an eternity with Him and our loved ones - in heaven. God bless you for reading this. 


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