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  Wednesday January 28th, 2015    

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Inexcusable and embarrassing (03/06/2013)
From: Skip and Deb Fort

St. Charles, Minn.

When Mayor Bill Spitzer was elected for his first two terms, we helped him and supported him more than anyone else. When Nick Koverman was hired as City Administrator we helped and supported him more than anyone else. Now, with more than 80% of our citizens not wanting the frac sand industry to make our community the “frac sand capital of the United States,” these two people working so hard for the sand/oil companies are still trying to push it on us and leaving our town and surrounding communities in total unrest.

Using OUR (citizens and taxpayers) city hall they clearly show disrespect to our citizens steady...because they can! The last council meeting (Tuesday, February 26, 2013) was worse than inexcusable from someone representing our city as mayor and administrator (which costs our city in the area of $100,000 per year)! On Monday, February 25, Dr. Feyereisn, an internal medical specialist and faculty member of the Mayo Medical School, gave his presentation in an auditorium at St. Mary’s University with standing room only. He also planned to give a presentation on Tuesday evening at the council meeting in St. Charles—after, of course, receiving permission as required ahead of time per mayoral rules and regulations. Basically, our city leaders didn’t let him do his presentation as he had planned at that time! He was not allowed to use the Powerpoint screen to show this presentation. This is a very normal tool used in making presentations. As a matter of fact, it was used in the last council meeting! Our Administrator Koverman had said during the day on Tuesday that they were only going to allow him ten minutes to speak. We were very embarrassed that our mayor and administrator acted this unprofessional and disrespectful! Dr. Feyereisn is not only a well-respected Mayo Clinic doctor who had donated endless hours researching issues concerning our health related to frac sand, he is a fine community member whose home is here in St. Charles. The presentation was strictly INFORMATIONAL! He did not in any way try to push opinions on others. His goal is educating and helping people understand what silica sand mining and processing is. The actions of our city leaders at the council meeting were totally disrespectful and out of order. Our community with fine people is better than this! The sand people on Main Street are moving out. Our town should ask the question: Do our mayor and city administrator need to go with them? We want our town to get back to normal and put the final end to frac sand here! Remember, the position of a mayor is one of public service. If a mayor’s activities serve as a distraction or roadblock for the city, the public is NOT well-served! We regret that we ever helped this mayor and administrator and we apologize to the good people of St. Charles for doing so. 


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