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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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USA Conference (03/10/2013)
From: Bill Steidtmann

The following is a certain e-mail forwarded to me from the Christian Intelligence Agency.

From: allnationsunderme@smail.hel

To: Prince of Persia

Subject: Union of Satanic Archangels 2013 Conference

Welcome to the 238th Annual USA Conference! Our theme this year is “Nation Building in One Easy Step”. As the most powerful of the evil angels you are tasked with the oversight of all of Earth’s governments, and the core of any government is its law. Our enemy Jehovah has a number of laws worth breaking, but it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters, and so it behooves us to lay a cracked foundation for every government by corrupting Jehovah’s first and most important law from Exodus 20:3 which reads “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Our Lawlessness Task Force team has developed three methods of corrupting Jehovah’s foundational precept, the last of which is true genius.

Type A – This type of government is based on the following corrupt reading: Thou shalt have no gods. It was a simple matter to drop a few words from Exodus 20:3, resulting in the perfect foundation for an Atheist Government, or “Type A” nation.

Type B – This type of government is based on another corrupt variation: Thou shalt have no other gods before Baal. Although a single god is named in the Baal Government, or “Type B” nation, Baal can be optionally replaced with various non-Jehovah entities. Alternatively, it can also be deployed in a pluralistic rendering: Thou shalt have all gods before Jehovah.

Type C – This last governmental type is our favorite corruption: Thou shalt have any god you want. The Lawlessness Task Force refers to this as a Christian Government, or “Type C” nation. As you can see this corruption of Exodus 20:3 unfortunately allows the worship of Jehovah, but it is precisely this subtle noncommittal gray area that makes it the easiest of cracked legal foundations to implement when the supposedly vigilant Christians seize power and exercise lordship with us in spite of Mark 10:42-43, and vainly imagine that the “any god you want” gospel is the good news of their god rather than ours. We like nothing better than to have them claim that their nation is “under God” while leaving the door wide open to religious freedom, which includes all of the Satanic joys of the Type A and Type B governments. Our Lawlessness Task Force has developed the wording to implement this Type C lawlessness, or “No-Law-ness”, while simultaneously implementing a law. You simply make Jehovah’s law illegal, like this: This government shall make NO LAW for or against any particular god. It’s a law that outlaws law. Perfect in its contradiction, and certain in its slow but assured “To err is human” path towards destruction. We enslave them by setting them free! We therefore recommend that all Union of Satanic Archangels nation building efforts move toward Type C political configurations ASAP. The use of war is encouraged for obvious reasons, but also for the desired side-effect that each of your nations are thereby readied for Revelation 19:19, a war we plan to win in spite of that religious freedom hating King of Kings Lord of Lords dictator Jesus who threatens to destroy our work and replace all our polytheistic democracies with a monotheistic autocracy.

Finally, be on the lookout for a man going by the name “Bill S.” Although he claims to be politically inactive based on Mark 10:42-43, and doesn’t even own a gun like a 2 Corinthians 10:4 renouncing Christian should, he has also threatened to run for office on the platform: “DON’T VOTE FOR ME”, and “THE ONLY THING I WILL CHANGE IS MY UNDERWEAR IF I WIN”, alongside a book titled “The Timidity of Despair—Thoughts on the American Dream and Daniel 2:36-45”. Our fear is this might be perceived as a joke, resulting in his accidental election. In any event he is no friend of our Lord Lucifer.

Sincerely, Agent M.



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