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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Me and Godís mercy (03/10/2013)
From: Mary Zimmerman

I knew I was supposed to write something about Godís mercy, as Mercy Sunday is once again approaching. I wasnít quite sure what! Soon it became clear I was to give a testimony to what the Divine Mercy devotion has done for me. Okay Lord, where do I start?

Well, once upon a time over twenty years ago I read articles about this devotion in a little magazine published by Marian Helpers out of Stockbridge, Mass. I was so drawn to what this message was all about - Godís mercy. Everything about it appealed to me, the image, the diary, novena, Mercy Sunday and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. The chaplet is said on rosary beads with Godís promise, ďOh what graces I will grant to souls who say this chaplet, through it you will obtain everything, if what you ask is compatible with my will.Ē (Diary 1731) I say this prayer early every morning, sometimes very early, for all my family. Last, I took God at His word that He would bless those in a special way who help spread this devotion. I wanted to be one of those. I read of so many graces and blessings attached to Mercy Sunday, so I started knocking on doors (priests and bishop) soon realizing this was not to be an easy task. Much of the world was still in the dark concerning this devotion. Eventually Father Keefe (now deceased) reluctantly agreed to have Mercy Sunday at St. Maryís Parish. So my good friend Lynn and I (with Godís help) set in motion the plans for the first Mercy Sunday in Winona and the surrounding area. We are now embarking upon the 20th year of this great celebration to take place at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart on April 7. Always on the Sunday after Easter.

Now please allow me to touch a bit on what this devotion has done for me personally. It seems I used to think my sins were greater than Godís mercy, so I carried that baggage around for a long time. Losing six children, moving at least sixteen times, along with facing lifeís other challenges, I totally collapsed beneath the weight of it all. Depression enveloped my life, worry and negativity were my constant companions. Trust wasnít a part of my life until Godís promised graces for spreading the Divine Mercy devotion kicked in. Oh yes, we all battle with depression at times but as prayer and trust became a bigger part of my life, depression became a lesser part of my life. This testimony doesnít mean I donít still drag some crosses along the road of life, but God now walks by my side, ready to bear some of the weight.

We all must come to realize how very much this world (people) are in dire need of Godís mercy, revealed to Sister Faustina in a new way in the 1930s. Can we all agree this is the time for mercy? Jesus said I come as a merciful savior before I come as a just judge.

Sister Faustina Kowalska, now Saint Faustina, is one of Godís most beautiful flowers in the garden of heaven. Let us all now be her voice and feet running through the fields of this world sharing this very good news with everyone without exception. Jesus asked that this Divine Mercy image with the signature ďJesus I Trust In YouĒ (Diary 327) be exposed in every church and home. He didnít specify just Catholic. He said it was the vessel with which people are to keep coming for graces to the fountain of mercy. Finally, Jesus says turning to His mercy in trust is the only source of peace for mankind in this troubled world.

Wonít you please help me spread this good news of Godís divine mercy? Write or call Mary Zimmerman, 318 Orrin Street, Winona, MN 55987 507-452-2570 for more information or materials.

P.S. I wish to correct a statement from my last article. Instead of saying I suffered for days after my son Duaneís death, I should have said years, or actually a lifetime. I just wanted others to know who have lost children that healing can be a slow process. 


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