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  Wednesday January 28th, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (03/25/2013)
By Al Owne
The other morning I used one of our old fashioned egg beaters to make an omelet. (I say “one of” because, although I only saw one, I know there’s at least one more hiding somewhere!) You know the kind. It has a bare wooden handle with a few red specks of the original paint; the rest has gone into egg dishes over the years. It is a simple but highly efficient machine with no cords or batteries. It takes a little effort, but that makes the cooking more fun. (I’m sure older women reading this would like to take one and stick it in my ear and turn slowly.) I beat the egg much too long and didn’t give it any time to rest.

The bologna, olive, cheese, and pepper omelet turned out like all my omelets; overdone and tough. I just don’t have the patience to use a lower temperature and wait. I start out that way, but then I get impatient and turn up the burner. Maybe I should just use the beater in a bowl of water and fry the eggs. That way I’d get the satisfaction of whipping something around in a bowl and my breakfast wouldn’t be spoiled.

Dear Abby had a letter from a new widow who had some advice from her experience for other new widows. She mentioned all of the common ones like get a driver’s license if you don’t have one, learning car maintenance, and most important, get out with people. Abby added get in touch with an attorney or CPA. I think that everyone can see that interacting with others in your situation is an important part of life in the widowed community. We are lucky here to have the opportunity to do that with local groups.

One of my children visited recently and decided I should be part of the 21st Century by joining the Twitter craze. I resisted, but she has a personality much like her mother, so I didn’t have a chance. Now I have “Friends” on Facebook and “Followers” on Twitter. I’m not sure how any of it works, but I did twit* once already. Twits have to be 140 characters or less. I can’t say “Hello” properly under 140 characters so I’m going to have trouble staying within the guidelines. If any of you are Twitterers, you can find me and follow me, or we can follow each other which doesn’t seem possible. *(I guess that’s officially “Tweet.” Why don’t they call it “Tweeter?”)

Oh, the late winter cold that has been chasing me since November first, caught me. The older one gets, the more difficult it seems to get over the common cold. I slowed down at a bad time: I had company who had to sit around and watch me go through two boxes of Kleenex and it lasted into my favorite holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. It was the first bad cold I’ve had since I’ve been widowed and I had to make my own chicken noodle soup. Or, at least, open the can myself. Colds fill your head with fluids and self-pity. I’m slowly recovering so you can save your sympathy for another day; thanks anyway. I’ve given up on hurrying spring; I’ll take it whenever it comes and be happy. Alnada2704@gmail.com or Winona Post, Box 27, Winona, MN 55987 


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