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  Friday February 27th, 2015    

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Who will fight the last war (03/27/2013)
From: Bonnie Oldham

All of us have put things in a box or an envelope to save for some special reason or in hopes of someone finding those little treasures after we’re long gone. My dad left here almost seven years ago now, and I often talk with my ma about things from all of our younger days.

She once gave me two envelopes which I put away and never went into them, for I feared I’d see so many special things that I’d want those days back. Some of the things in these envelopes were old pictures.

The other night I finally got the envelopes out and opened them. As I had suspected, pictures of my dad (very young with his dog), my grandfather with a team of horses and three men - my grandpa, his brother, another gentlemen named Otto, my ma with their dog Trickie, and some of the old sheds and barn that still stand and are used.

I found several clippings of the band that did my mom’s first record, and one of Ginny and the Right Combination at Ernie Tuff’s Museum on a Sunday. That brought tears to my eyes for the wonderful times we all had together and how proud ma and dad were with her first 45 record. Things just grew from there for my ma. I don’t think anyone was prouder than I of what they both accomplished and worked so hard for. They had achieved it together and never once gave up, nor got mad at God when bad things happened. They kept their faith and it brought them through some pretty rough times. As I got toward the end of the envelope, tucked toward the back was an article written to the newspaper. It was called, “Who Will Fight Last War?” It goes like this, and with all that is going on in the world I think it pretty much says it all.

“True we have had wars and there are more each day. But there will be an army so large that no army in history will ever equal it. But one leader will destroy this army without firing a shot. Who will be in that army? That depends on each of us. There’ll be no armies after this one is defeated.

“Just before Jesus comes there will be much trouble. When He comes, the wicked will be destroyed and the ones who died in faith will come to life again. The living ones who believed in faith will be caught up in the air and be on their way to heaven with Jesus and the angels.

“After a thousand years in heaven, enjoying the bliss that is mentioned in the Bible, plus judging the cases of the lost, a big event will take place. All others who made it there will, with Jesus and the angels, come back to this earth. The wicked dead will be brought to life again. With Satan their leader they will join in the biggest army. Satan will tell his people there are more of us than they. When he tries to get the people to attack the city, God will destroy the wicked and Satan and his angels with fire. And the earth will be new made and the saved will live forever and ever. Revelation 20-21.”

It was signed by Ralph Kelly. I believe no one could have put it any more straight to us.

After I read this piece, it made me realize just how serious things have gotten in our world. And yet Our Lord has warned us of what’s to come. With this said, may we all do a little soul-searching and always remember there’s one thing God doesn’t do, and that’s lie. He speaks the truth always. He loves us unconditionally and He’s offering us the world. What more could we want. 


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