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  Tuesday January 27th, 2015    

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We all have the right to know the truth (03/31/2013)
From: Stephen Conlin

St. Charles, Minn. 

My name is Stephen Conlin; most of you here in St. Charles know me. The opinions expressed here are my own. The questions I am asking here are ones that you may also be asking. We all have the right to know the truth.

For three election cycles, I have been calling your city government out of touch.  None of you wanted to listen. You couldn’t even open your eyes and see the obvious truth that keeps showing up on your utility bills.

The talk about town was of dissatisfaction with your city government. Yet you kept voting for them. So it’s no wonder the mayor refuses to listen to you now. 

In spite of the appearances and issues I have pointed out, you have followed blindly. So can anyone really blame him for trying to shove the frac sand deal down our throats? After all, when you wish into one hand, and crap into the other, the only thing you’re left holding is crap.

From the start, I have advocated the use of the city’s charter and code to reign in this out-of-control city government. Those rules are there to prevent the government from abusing both you and their authority. Sadly, neither you the citizens, nor they the “city” seemed to have ever read those rules. The charter and code were created so the government understands that its mandate comes from you. We live in a republic of laws, and the officials who have been granted authority are required to follow the rules.

The C.C.S.C. have taken the hint and put forth their petition.  Yes, Billy, that petition is the way to “contact you correctly, and make the point clear.  Don’t you agree?”  For those who haven’t read the March 13 edition of the Winona Post, the above quote come from Billy.  Does he need the citizens to contact him personally?   You did, after all, sign the petition, so he does know who you are.              

You really should read those articles, as they are very revealing.  Billy tells us that he still strongly supports the frac sand proposal, yet he voted against it. I wonder what he means when he says; “People have lost their values.  People have lost trust.” What does he really mean?

These articles raise other serious questions. Note, “Minnesota Proppant is all locally owned and operated.”  Note, “Rick Frick, the project’s founder, and an unnamed minority holder, are the remaining owners of Minnesota Proppant. They are looking elsewhere for a frac sand transport facility.”  Note that Billy says; “If I was bringing a company to town and I had a great load of public opposition, would I feel bad?  Probably.  Would I look somewhere else? Probably.”  Interesting how similar the wording is. Coincidence?  Probably not.

The questions I have are simple. “Billy, do you serve this town?”

Who is the “unnamed minority holder”?  As the mayor, you should know.           

Why do you choose to ignore the township and citizens of St. Charles who have made their wishes “very clear?” 

Let’s not forget; “how’s that smart park working for you, Billy? ”  


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