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  Wednesday January 28th, 2015    

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The Bible and science (03/31/2013)
From: Steven J. Beyers

Finbar McMullen thinks that people who choose to believe God and His Word about the direct creation of Adam and Eve as described in Genesis, which includes Jesus as quoted in Matthew 19:4, seem to think they are honoring God by this choice. But he thinks that they are just honoring themselves. This in contrast to choosing the armchair theories of men who originally promoted the idea of evolution to purposely position themselves in direct opposition to God.

Being a McMullen, the refutation of his position flows in his veins. He is of Scottish descent, Irish being the name of a band of Scots on the island of Hibernia, named after King Hiber, son of King Gaythelos, The name changed to Iberland, then to Ireland. Long before the Christian era the Irish, as did the Britons, Anglo-Saxons, Danes, and Norwegians, kept very strict genealogies of their family lines to prove their pedigrees. Even before setting foot in Scotland, the Irish and Scots where called Scots because they were of Scythian (Sct) stock. The Scythians were two distinct bands that later joined together. The first was descended from Magog and Javan, the second from Gomer. These three were all sons of Japheth, who was one of Noah’s three sons. The Britons (Welsh), Anglo-Saxons, Scandinavians, Spanish, French, Italian, Germanic, Greek, and Persian peoples all trace their lines back to Japheth, as do the Miautso people of northern China. The Miautso insist that they are not Chinese, but descended from Go-men (Gomer), the son of Jah-phu (Japheth), who was the son of Nu-ah (Noah), who descended from a man generations earlier who’s name is translated as Dirt, as it is in Hebrew (mud or clay) and Akkadian, among others. We know him as Adam.

McMullen cites the Human Genome Project’s claim of 95-98% genetic similarity between humans and chimps. This leaves a 2-5% difference, mathematically insufficient to account for the actual genetic differences between the two species. Ongoing studies using the same genetic strains (icr.org) revealed a 70% match at best.

McMullen states that “Scientists are in universal agreement over the Big Bang as the start of the universe.” This is patently false. Whether a basketball, golf ball, or grapefruit sized object, it would have contained all gravity, no electric charge, and no molecules, molecular motion being the definition of heat. That is why no theorist has even a speculation as to how it could have exploded in the first place.

As for our Sun, it emits energy by self consumption. It is shrinking at an observable rate. To extrapolate back in time sufficiently to accommodate the evolutionary time scale, the Sun would have been so big it would have engulfed Mercury, Venus, and the Earth.

McMullen says that the Catholic Church accepts evolution as an established fact of science, which it is not, and holds that the Bible is not a book of science as we know science. But everywhere the Bible touches on science, whether it is the hydrologic cycle, the jet stream, or the Earth floating freely in space, it is scientifically accurate.

Paleontologist Pierre Teilhard du Chardin is quoted as saying that it was an aspect of the nature of matter that it would develop into more complicated forms. Had he been a physicist he would have understood the statement to contradict the Second Law of Thermodynamics, the law of entropy, that all matter is descending from a state of order to a state of disorder.

If the Bible is not a book of science as we now know science, considering the state of some of what passes for science in modern thought, that would certainly be to its credit.



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