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  Wednesday January 28th, 2015    

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Our beloved Pope Francis (04/07/2013)
From: Mary Zimmerman


As I write this I am watching history in the making, the inauguration of our new Holy Father, Pope Francis. I say holy in every sense of the word. It seems like holiness shines out of his very being. Somehow I have the feeling when I see him kneeling in prayer, his humble powerful prayers are reaching the far ends of the world, even into the very heart of my prayer requests as well. If we can think and say that for a mere person then how much more we must acknowledge the very essence of God Himself, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and all His attributes - the greatest being His Divine Mercy. All I can say as a little speck in an enormous vast world, is fall on your knees mankind, before our Heavenly Prince of Peace.

He was humbly born as a little babe, humbly laboring with his foster father as a carpenter’s son. Then eventually He walked with His 12 Apostles, healing the people physically and spiritually and preaching the gospel. In fulfillment of His mission, He walked the road of Calvary, carrying the very cross He was to be nailed to and die upon in order to again open the gates of heaven for mankind. They were closed through the disobedience of our first parents, Adam and Eve. To lift us out of this dilemma of original sin, He gave us the sacrament of Baptism. God also realized we would not do well on our own after He ascended into heaven so in His great wisdom gave us the Eucharist, in that way staying among us, hidden in bread and wine consecrated (transubstantiation) into His very body and blood, soul and divinity. Some just couldn’t comprehend that and walked away. It seems to me so many are walking away in today’s world. Where are you going? God has the words to eternal life.

I say to parents, grandparents and religious teachers: don’t falter on your responsibility to lead the children into the light of Christ. Help them see the big picture. This short earthly life is like a quick glance into a mirror, for a little while you reflect the face of a child, then soon a teenager, then suddenly an adult. Then so quickly adding one year after another, and this short life ends and eternal life starts. Lucky are the ones that are well-prepared for this transition.

Today, from our new Holy Father comes so much truth and wisdom preparing us Catholics and the world for what really matters, leading us back into the loving embrace of our Heavenly Father. Pope Francis is asking us to open our eyes to embrace all mankind. Open your heart to help those in need. When given the opportunity to do the works of mercy, don’t easily excuse yourself and pass this opportunity - maybe responsibility would be a better word than opportunity - to another person. God is speaking to each one of us, of Pope Francis. He is saying, this is my beloved son, hear him. This is what Francis said when asked if he accepted the outcome of the vote. “I am a big sinner. Trusting in the mercy and patience of God, in suffering I accept,” he answered. Follow his example of loving and helping the poor and those in need. Then we, too, can expect someday to hear these words, “Well done my good and faithful servant, come right in - heaven awaits you.” 


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