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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (04/14/2013)
By Al Owne
I did it. What a feeling of accomplishment! I successfully whipped up a batch of waffles Sunday morning. You know what my secret to success was? I wasnít afraid of the waffle making routine. Thatís been my problem; I was scared of making waffles. I donít know if you know what I mean, but waffles have always been special, like those special dishes Gramma kept in the cupboard with the glass doors in the dining room. Pancakes can be just slapped together no problem, but waffles; well, theyíre special. ďOh, weíre having waffles today!Ē

To me, making waffles to eat alone without some special occasion was like going out to play with your school clothes on. I always expect someone to yell at me, ďGet in here and change your clothes!Ē ďPut that waffle iron away and have a bowl of Raisin Bran!Ē Last Sunday, I got over that hurdle. I poured the batter in the antique iron, didnít worry too much about the steam, waited until I thought they were done, and took them out, and they were all pretty good. Oh, I burned my finger once, but thatís to be expected with that monster. It expects to be paid in flesh. One of these days Iíll turn the big plates on the iron over and make toasted cheese sandwiches. That should be funny.

The world lost a courageous woman last week. Annette Funicello died at 70. She was one of the original Mouseketeers at age 13. She was a victim of Multiple Sclerosis, which ended her acting career, but she continued as a spokesperson for those afflicted with neurological disorders, and thatís important to me lately. It was strange; I intended to write a little blurb asking if it made you feel a little older knowing that Mouseketeer Darlene turned 72 on Monday when I read the report of Annette dying. Well, we can always watch Bobby on Lawrence Welk reruns.

Of course I know that Margaret Thatcher, Britainís Iron Lady, died also. She was a pioneer in women achieving powerful positions, tearing down the stone walls of Englandís male only political system. Women of today who are able to occupy high political offices should be grateful to Margaret Thatcher.

I told you that winter was hiding around the corner. However I believe this is more like a normal upper-Midwestern winter; the ones of the past few years have been unusually warm. I normally donít put my snow shovels away until July 4th; I feel we can be safe from snow at that time.

The portable phone system in my house finally bit the dust. It had bugged me and many callers over the last few years by quitting in the middle of calls, making a high pitched squeal during calls, missing numbers while dialing, and other electronic mischief. I saw an ad for a system in a Sunday paper and thought about shopping for a new set, but thought Iíll do it later. As king of the procrastinators, I tend to do stuff like that. One of my male children, who has much more electronical knowledge and patience in stores, urged me to go, saying heíd go along. With his assistance in shopping and hooking it up, I now am able to carry on a reasonable conversation on Mr. Bellís wonderful invention. I do miss having telemarketers call during one of the squealing sessions, though.

Re-think spring! Alís on Facebook now: alnada2704@gmail.com  


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