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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Mikrut appeal (04/17/2013)
From: Amy Wobig

My oldest daughter and I attended the meeting at City Hall Monday night. Concerned neighbors and citizens met and asked the city council members to listen, analyze data and make a better, more informed decision about the Mikrut rail variance. I listened to my elders who speak of wisdom and truth, love and concern, with honesty and integrity.

I will forever remember this day. It has gone on for too long, this fight for our city. Citizens who are concerned for our townís environment, natural beauty, health, air quality, water quality and peaceful neighborhoods are against those who are at our doorstep trying to take it all away. Those of us who work so hard to keep our neighborhoods peaceful, quiet, safe, healthy and happy places to come home to, now have to fight to keep this sacred tradition. Our family, friends, pets, endangered species, health, mother earth and our future are at risk. Why donít you listen? Why must we argue what is common sense and proven fact? Do you have young children? Why are you voting for the variance? Do you live by a railroad track? Do you know the health risks of living near frac sand? All of these questions race through my mind.

Scientists have recorded the dangers frac sand poses to communities and peopleís health. The damage, once done, is irreversible. Letís be honest, they cannot rebuild our beautiful hills and valleys, they cannot replace wetlands and animals that have lived here for so many years. They cannot make our water pure again after tainting it with chemicals. I can honestly say that I am genuinely and sincerely concerned for my fellow neighbors, my children, my pets and nature.

One article I read in a neighboring town tells of a family whose dog died from the effects of the frac sand. Their children got very sick with skin rashes and vomited from drinking their own water. Is this the kind of future you want? I already have a son with a chronic health condition who is at risk from these side effects. Without careful monitoring and a healthy environment I am afraid for his future. I think these days people too often take for granted the natural value and beauty of our town.

I like to go for an outdoor run in the fresh air with my daughter (this air thanks to select members of our city council including our mayor, will be now be tainted with cancer). I like to take my dogs and youngest daughter Liz for walk around the block or to the once safe park down the street to meet and play with friends and neighbors. How can this not weigh heavy on your conscience?

The value of my home continues to go down significantly every year. We will be forced to move away from this health risk or die trying.

To you that claim to visit my wetlands and my park, you say you see bottles and trash and nothing worth saving. Why are there ducks, birds, squirrel families, rabbits, bugs, butterflies, visiting and making homes in my yard?

This has been an eye-opening experience for my oldest daughter and me to witness, first hand.

I want to personally thank Allyn Thurley, David Kouba, Pam Eyden and Mr. Krage for standing up for whatís right and for attempting to protect our future, our children and above all set a good example. I also want to thank Marilyn and Joel Bjorlo for being such good neighbors. God bless you!!  


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