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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (04/21/2013)
By Al Owne
As I write this, Iím filled with sadness over the Boston bombing and the horrific plant explosion in West, Texas. In both cases there was loss of life and injury to hundreds of innocent people including children and older adults.

Although Iíve never been there, I have strong ties to Boston. I have a brother lying in one of Bostonís historic cemeteries and a very good Bostonian Army buddy who was wounded and never heard from again. My brother adopted Boston as his home many years ago and heís right where he wanted to be.

I was not surprised when the news said that pressure cookers were converted to bombs. When I was little pressure cookers were treated like bombs in the family kitchen. I grew up with the story of Aunt Agnes who put the wrong size weight in the valve on top and was injured in the resulting explosion when the cooker was unable to hold the pressurized beef roast inside. I remember as a newly married rookie in the kitchen cleaning beans off the kitchen ceiling when the pressure cooker malfunctioned. Apparently the ones used in Boston were filled with explosives and metal to cause terrible injuries not just beany ceilings. It is incomprehensible to me that someone would want to cause so much pain and suffering to so many innocent folks at such a joyous occasion. After all many of the injured had just run 26.2 miles; an amazing feat. I guess thereís no accounting for humans. I just saw a poster somewhere, Facebook maybe, that said, ďIf you feed a hungry man, heíll eat the food and bite your hand; if you feed a hungry dog, heíll eat the food and lick your face.Ē

The tragedy in West, Texas, near Waco, is just developing as I write this but already Iíve heard many tragic stories of multiple deaths and injuries to young and old. This seems to be an industrial accident of some kind, but it doesnít lessen the pain and suffering. People in both cases need your thoughts and prayers for sure.

Do you remember the nursery rhyme about Old Mother Hubbard who went to the cupboard only to find it bare? Iím sure you do, but I found myself in that situation the other day. I had put off shopping because of the weather, which was dumb because the weather didnít get any better, and my refrigerator was pretty bare of essentials. My freezer wasnít any better; ďWhere did all that food that I prepared and froze go?Ē I ended up eating a peanut butter sandwich for supper. Thereís nothing wrong with peanut butter sandwiches per se, but I think of them for school lunches not supper.

You know what? My mind doesnít panic when I realize Iím low on food. My brain hasnít quite got the message that weíre alone here. Somewhere in that maze of tools, sports, cars, and fishing thereís still a node that says, ďSheíll whip up something.Ē Peanut butter sandwiches for main meals has a tendency to cure that malady.

I donít know what to say about spring. I donít think itís on our agenda this year, but Iím still hoping. Alís on e-mail and Facebook alnada2704@gmail.com.



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