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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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We must stop out of control pressure cookers (04/24/2013)
From: Dean Nuszloch

Utica, Minn.

It is time that Congressman Walz, Senator Franken, and Senator Klobuchar continue their courageous fight to end all the daily violence that is perpetuated in this country. Our representatives must continue their fight to ban all types of assault weapons in this country. All of this senseless killing and maiming has to stop — now! The time has come that we enact strong laws which put real restrictions on the sale and possession of pressure cookers, especially the assault-style pressure cookers. Those large 23 qt. pressure cookers with large double handles and oversized pressure valves, fully automatic self-cleaning pots have no place in our society. Who needs these large type of assault pressure cookers to cook their pot roast?

I strongly suggest that our elected officials propose the following laws. All large commercial pressure cookers greater than 6 qts., fully automatic self-cleaning, large double handles, oversized pressure valve, assault-style be banned. Only small pressure cookers of 6 qts. or less, single handle, semiautomatic self-cleaning will be legal to own and operate.

Buyers of pressure cookers must go through a background check, must be the legal age of 21 with no felony convictions and have two proofs of citizenship. Purchases of pressure cookers can only be made at legal licensed and bonded housewares stores. There will also be a seven-day mandatory “cooling off period,” (pun I intended). Buyers must go through an eight-hour training in the safe use and operation of a pressure cooker.

To assure full compliance with these strict pressure cooker laws we need to implement strong enforcement laws. We will need to register all pressure cookers in the USA. Any large assault-style pressure cookers will be confiscated at this time. People will have six months to take their pressure cookers to local law enforcement and register them. After six months anyone caught with an unregistered pressure cooker will be automatically charged with a felony, be fined $1,000, forfeit their pressure cooker, serve six months in jail, and lose their pressure cooker privileges for life. Also they will have to stay at least 1,000 feet away from all pressure cookers. After all pressure cookers are not a right, but a government privilege!

No one can trade, swap, or give a registered pressure cooker to another person until they meet all the requirements.

I urge our elected government officials to enact these proposals even though they will come under heavy pressure from the radical right conservatives and their strong lobbying group the N.P.C.A. (the National Pressure Cookers Association). They will continue blowing off steam as they will repeat their old tired rhetoric of, “Pressure cookers don’t kill people, people kill people.”

There also will be a limit on how many nails and ball bearings that can be sold. Everyone must have two forms of ID, be of legal age and a citizen of the U.S. No one can purchase more than 25 nails and/or ball bearings. All nails and ball bearings must be kept behind locked counters, because no one needs more than that to cook a deer! 


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