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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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A ‘what if’ (04/28/2013)
From: T.M. Schoewe

We’re still lingering with the good news of Easter, “He is Risen!” Luke’s gospel has an amazing story about two of the company of followers of Jesus. They are walking along the road to their little village. They are downcast as they review what had happened on Good Friday and even mention what they have heard about some of the women who had been at the sepulcher and said it was empty and that He had arisen. But they regarded this as idle gossip. Suddenly a stranger catches up with them and asks them what they are talking about. One of them named Cleopas replies in effect, you must be the only one in Jerusalem who does not know what happened to Jesus of Nazareth, how they finally crucified Him we thought was our hope!

It is then that this stranger tells those whose eyes did not recognize Him ,“You are foolish not to believe what the scriptures have said about Him.” How he should be crucified! He recalls what Moses and the prophets and even David foretold in Psalm 22. But they still do not see this stranger is the risen Lord.

As they approach their home in Emmaus this stranger appears to be walking on and they see that it is getting late and say to him why don’t you stay with us. So he does! And while they are having supper, He breaks the bread and suddenly they see He is the Risen Christ. But just as suddenly He disappears! You know the rest of the story, how they race back to that upper room in Jerusalem and the great story of what happened there! Read the last chapter of Luke.

Now lingering in our mind and maybe yours is the question “what if those two disciples had not insisted this stranger have supper with them?” It is a great question! What if they would not have raced back to the upper room? They would not have seen the risen Christ or heard his peace and be on the path of life He put His followers on.

So with us, when we hear the Easter hymn “Christ the Lord is risen today” and do not invite Him into our hearts and lives, we miss the path of life He wants to put us on. There is a famous painting of the Lord knocking on a door of a beautiful home. But the door has no latch or knob on the outside. The door must be opened from the inside. So it is with all of us. It is up to us to let the Lord into our hearts and put us on the path to life.

In this path you may run into strangers, or opportunities or chances to do good but if you let them pass they become a what if? On the other hand they may just be surprises that lead you to hear from your Lord one day in as much as you have done to the least of these “you have done it unto me.”

Finally how blessed and favored of the Lord you are! You have been given the secret of the path to eternal life! Our Lord told Martha, “Those who live and believe in me shall never die,” and you can join the psalmist (16:11) “you have made known to me the path of life: you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”

Right now you may be dogged down with frustrations, even broken, but when you stand before the smiling Savior you will be filled with joy! Right now you may have aches and pains and even struggle to survive but all at once you will be filled with pleasure in God’s new world. You will beam with joy with your triumphant parents, brothers and sisters who have gone before in the faith.

In your circle of influence are there any people who do not know about the path to life? Help them to invite the Lord in! You are sent! Tell others.



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