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  Friday December 19th, 2014    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (05/05/2013)
By Al Owne
Boy what a disappointment! I had a column all arranged in my head that went something like this. Last Friday the temperature finally decided to be spring-like and jumped up into the 70s. My winter blahs turned to summer energy. I dug a lawn chair out of its hiding place in the garage and set it up in the front yard. Overnight, bundled-up students turned into tee-shirt and shorts-clad white-skinned runners and skateboarders. Pickups went past pulling trailers with boats and stock cars, instead of snowmobiles and Bobcats. As I sat I thought, ďWell, it was a tough winter, but it was worth the wait; this is wonderful. I can sit here watching summer parading past my house and get my vitamin D from the bright sun instead of pills.Ē

I donít understand why people live in places where itís warm all year; thereís no spring; thereís no re-birth. My lawn chair would be outside all year and Iíd probably say, ďIím not sitting out in that hot sun.Ē I have brothers and sisters who live in sunny Gulf Coast Florida year Ďround. They think I failed the I.Q. test because I refuse to give up living through northern winters. Of course, theyíve always lived in Florida; theyíve never experienced a wonderful Minnesota winter. Iíll often go as far south as Chicago for a weekend in the winter but thatís about it. One time my wife and I took a trip to Phoenix in November to visit someone. On the trip home we kept getting these weird looks from the airline personnel and questions like, ďYouíre going to Minneapolis???Ē Finally one friendly young woman said, ďWe just donít get many older passengers going from Phoenix to Minneapolis in November.Ē

Well, it was back to reality Thursday morning wasnít it?! As the rain turned to snow, I thought, ďI think Iíve seen this show before.Ē My vitamin D came from a pill again. Thank goodness I didnít give in to the temptation to move those plants that Iíve overwintered outside. Yes, I know I said Iím not going to do that again, but I just couldnít throw those pretty red and pink geraniums away. Iíve seen snow before in May since I moved to Minnesota fifty odd (and this is one of the oddest) years ago, but I donít believe it was this heavy. I imagine that folks will be unloading the boats and getting the snowmobiles back on the trailers again. It would be really nice snow to make snow people, but I think most people are a little ďsnowed outĒ right now.

I sure hope Mother Nature takes it easy on us next Sunday, Mothersí Day. We donít need any of this weird weather then for sure. I think of Mothersí Day as being bright and sunny, not cold and snowy.

Iím trying to keep the blahs from returning. We widowed folks have enough blahs as it is without adding the weather. Iím going back outside in the sun and sit in my lawn chair on Mothersí Day; if you honk, Iíll wave.

Al is computerized on e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter at alnada2704@gmail.com



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