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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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A good book but... (05/05/2013)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Would we read a book about our parentsí lives...a book that Mom and Dad would want us to read after they have died? We would probably have a difficult time putting this book down until we had finished reading it. We would never tuck it away in some secluded place without having read it as least once.

More likely than not we would be able to glean much helpful information from our parentsí book. We might (occasionally) be saying, ďThe information in Mom and Dadís book has certainly helped us from time to time. Mom and Dad put worthwhile direction in their book which could be of help to us throughout our lives, including how and what they did to make it through their trials and tribulations of life. Why would we become fearful of reading an autobiography about Mom and Dad? It would be disgraceful, disrespectful and foolhardy of us not to read such a book.Ē

No one would admit that he or she was afraid to read a good book, however there is one book that many people are afraid to read. This particular book is the only miraculous book that has ever been written. It is full of the most worthwhile information - priceless information, but many in the world are afraid to read it or just donít care enough to read this miraculous book. Why? It is the most valuable book on earth. In this book we have the way to eternal life. This book is the Bible.

There are an unlimited number of books in the world. Some can calm our spirits. Some bring tears. Some bring laughter. Some bring fear or anger. Books can touch our lives in so many ways, but there is only one book whose author can promise us eternal life - if. Is it wise for us to tremble and turn a blind eye to the most precious book on earth?

We would read a family memberís book. We would read a friendís book, so why are there so many who wonít read Godís book? His book contains that which is of far greater value...that which is of eternal value. Yes, Godís book is of immeasurable worth. There is no comparison, yet it lies unopened in many homes - unread.

Can we imagine a doctor being afraid to read the very best medical book in existence? Itís not going to happen. This would be obvious senselessness. Such a book would be indispensable to the doctor and his patients. It would make even less sense for this doctor not to read the greatest and most important book of all - the Bible. This book is a must read.

For those who are hostile to the Bible, where will their hostility get them? Inferno or paradise? We could never say that weíd be better off if we would not read Godís book. No, there will be no blessings or rewards for not reading Godís book, only remorse.

What excuse are we using for not reading such as irrefutable, God-inspired book? Whatever excuse we use, not one is any good. Prayerfully, no one will most foolishly and rashly say, ďYes the Bible is a good book, but...Ē

Ponder Proverbs 8:10-11 Isaiah 34:16

P.S. I want to know one thing - the way to heaven...

God Himself has condescended to teach the way...

He hath written it down in a book. O give me that

book! At any price, give me the book of God. - John Wesley 


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