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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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Through the eyes of my children (05/12/2013)
From: Mary Zimmerman


My dear readers, I have shared my very heart and soul with you and quite often how very much I love my children. I am so inclined to give my children the opportunity to expose their love for me as well, through this article they presented to me for my special birthday.

Happy 80th Birthday

Mary Zimmerman

AKA “Mom,” “Grandma,”


“The Pie Lady,”

“Famous Author and Consistent Writer in

A Matter of Faith”

Yes, folks, despite what she may try to lead you to believe, Mary Zimmerman turned 80 years old on April 11, 2013. You certainly would tend to guess her age to be much less judging from her appearance. You may see a few gray hairs here and there, but aside from viewing the year of 1933 on her birth certificate, the only true indication of her age would be to take a deep look at her hands and her heart.

Those hands worked and prayed long and hard every day. I can’t imagine all the clothes and dishes they washed, all the meals they cooked, but best of all the treats - homemade bread, rolls, ice cream cookies, pies - the list goes on and on. Then there were the thousand plus pies she made to sell, donating all of the money to help those in need. Money went to victims of the tsunami in Sri Lanka and to those who lost so much due to flooding right here in Minnesota.

Mary’s heart, though, would reveal her true age more than anything for all it had to endure over these 80 years. It had to be hard losing her brother, Melvin, as a child, her brother, Jim, unexpectedly as an adult and just recently her brother, LaVern. Losing her parents was also very difficult as it is for anyone at any age. More heartbreaking than anything for Mary was the loss of a child. Considering Mary had twelve pregnancies but only has six living children, there was a lot of pain for one heart. Depression set in more than once, but Mary didn’t turn to drinking or other vices to ease the pain. She fought it straight on every time and won. Mary learned the heart never quite fully heals from such a break, but helping those in need brings her such joy that it helps to ease the pain (hence making over a thousand pies so she could donate the money to those in need). So that 80-year-old heart stays strong. Always loving. Always forgiving.

Through My Eyes

I say thank you to all my children for their words of kindness toward me. I can only respond “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Philippeans 4:13 I say thank you Jesus for making my life so exciting in so many ways. You have opened doors for me to help others. I fell under the weight of depression but God always picked me up and said, “Go, Mary, go.”

I do think when we die God will judge us by our heart and hands. I can only hope mine meets His approval.

My youngest daughter, Lynette, put all these beautiful (in some ways undeserving) words together but I understand the other five all put their Amen to it a well.

Through the Eyes of Jesus

Actually there are some good books out with that title, authored by Carver Alan Ames - co-authored by Jesus Himself, revealing and sharing everything that was said and done as Jesus walked with the Apostles.

I just want to add, God sees all of us as His children. He loves us as only a heavenly Father could. Jesus says, I see Mary as she turns toward her “golden years” still has a lot of potential. I will continue to form and shape her into the image I created her to be.

Thank you Jesus, thank you family, thank you friends and readers for all your love, cards and greetings.

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers. My happiness is hopefully what I have reflected into my children’s lives. Just knowing our children love us is reason enough for a great celebration - Mother’s Day. 


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