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  Tuesday January 27th, 2015    

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Heartfelt thanks and gratitude (05/15/2013)
From: Amy Wobig

To Steven Schild’s “Impact of frac sand industry.” (May 12) I am in complete agreement with you and thank you for your words of wisdom. You made some very good points. I especially like your statement “If the DNR and trout unlimited aren’t experts about trout, then who is.” We must hold our elected officials accountable for their actions or who else will. They need to not only “listen to us” but hear what we are saying and take action. Only then will we be convinced of their loyalties and honesty to the citizens who put them in office instead of their own agendas.

To Matthew Byrnes’ “Fracking and responsibility” (May 8). Your article was very moving and most accurately stated. I thoroughly agree with every statement you made and had my circumstances been different I would have been right beside you that day, brother. I believe the work you do and the people you help are very noble.

I am raising a family of four, not an easy task, but a rewarding one, and as a mother, I have grave concerns for the future of my children and grandchildren. Your article gives me hope that there are still people on this earth and even here locally that share the same concerns I have for our mother earth and our future. I am all too often busy with work and children, but every chance I get is filled with trying make this a better place for my children.

I love to be outside in the garden, walking or just looking at the stars and I thank God every day for the gifts he has given us. God relies on us to be good stewards of the home he has given us and I don’t understand why some people find this so difficult to do when it seems such a common sense thing to me and my family.

I have been to city council meetings and the elected officials we put in office don’t stand up for us or what’s good, just and right. The ones that do try are outnumbered. All we have left is ourselves. Thank you Matthew!! For being a disciple of God and bringing me hope, for standing up for what’s right and for doing what Jesus would do. You will be in my prayers daily.



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