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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (05/19/2013)
By Al Owne
My weather prediction for Mothersí Day was a little off. It was indeed sunny with no rain or snow, but you really had to hold on to your fancy hat. I visited a city about 50 miles west of Winona for a small graduation party on Saturday and experienced sun, rain, sleet, and a sprinkling of snow. I guess Mother Nature has decided sheís punished us enough and let summer break out.

I made waffles for Mothersí Day for myself, unfortunately. They turned out pretty good. However, my kitchen advisor told me that from now on, I have to make the batter from scratch. In response I requested a decoding of his recipe. It was written on the back of an envelope with small tís and capital Tís and cís along with other abbreviations. I told him, ďI donít speak ĎKitchen;í write it in plain English directions.Ē So next time Iíll desert Aunt Jemima and go from scratch. Iíll probably be scratching my head too. I wonder where the term ďfrom scratchĒ came from.

With Motherís Day, weíve begun the official warm weather holiday season. Cinco de Mayo sneaks up on us before weíre ready, but weíre ready for Syttende Mai then on to Memorial Day and the rest of the big ones. Iíve reached a point in my life where holidays donít affect me too much. I mean I surely know and feel the meaning of the patriotic holidays and try to participate as much as possible, but I guess Iíd rather have an old fashioned regular day when the papers arrive early in the morning and the letter carrier clunks the lid of the mailbox down to wake me up from my mid-day nap. Does this mean Iím getting old?

Iím having trouble getting in the mood for summer. I havenít bought any tomato plants or moved any of the plants that I overwintered outside. Iím pleased that spring has finally come and all that, but Iím just not ready. I am already starting to see a decline in my housekeeping as I spend more and more time outside. Iím comfortable in the fact that I just canít keep up with both outside and inside chores. Iíll have all winter and rainy days to do those pesky household jobs. I donít have cabin fever; I have ďBoy itís nice sitting in this lawn chair fever.Ē

Iím afraid I might be losing a good friend over all this political wrangling. Thatís really unfortunate I think. Friendships should be stronger than that, in my estimation. I try to avoid discussions about politics and religion because I know that those subjects can strain the best friendships, but it seems more and more difficult to remain neutral in todayís partisan society. I would like to say, ďThis just isnít worth losing our longtime friendship over,Ē but Iím afraid that would make it worse. Maybe if I keep my mouth shut and change the subject enough, things will straighten out, and maybe not. Be nice to each other. Iíve lost a mate; I donít need to lose friends too. You can reach Al at alnada2704@gmail.com on e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter. 


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