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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Bits of old wisdom (05/19/2013)
From: Merle Hanson

The old priest used to say the good Lord works in mysterious ways. The true believers, it is said, believe God has control of all and man is just a vehicle. We are just a speck of dust like a freckle on an Irish lassís face.

Some of the pastors and ministers have decided they best understand the words of a holier spirit. They are the chosen vehicle for the good Lordís word. I may love my priest and pastor, but they are human and subject to all the missteps living brings about as they show time and time again.

The old priest might say we get so caught up in the ways of living that we would never hear the words of the Lord. It seems as if we did something so horribly wrong the spirit would stop us in our tracks. I think the good Lord was in St Paul this last week and those words spoken were never more clear. If the decisions made by legislatures offended your dear God he handled it well and we can all learn from his message. My God was smiling and wondering if we will ever learn that we canít stop the beating marches of time.

Itís not easy for hard headed men to admit the errors of their ways. Some folks proclaim after all they are never wrong and seem to yell it loudest as if the loudest voice makes one right. Those old priests used to tell me anger doesnít solve problems and I always appreciated and carried with me their wise words. I can only hope the new priests pick up the pieces of those old bits of wisdom

We have lost some of that wisdom the past 40 years. We all yearn for the days of grandma telling a story as she baked cookies or knead bread. The wisdom of that tired, shriveled up old lady brought us comfort and like turkey and mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving it brought us back to simpler times.

They are not many things greater than being around that Thanksgiving table with family and friends. Sharing stories and laughs and feeling the goodness in all of us is a special time. It really doesnít matter the color of their skin or their religious affiliation or their sexual orientation. Some things are just right.



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