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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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A little more... won’t hurt? (05/19/2013)

From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

If our great-grandparents and grandparents could view and listen to what many of us are watching and listening to in our homes, their ears would be emitting steam like a teakettle and their faces would portray all shades of crimson. Many of them would probably go into cardiac arrest. At the very least, they would be repulsed by the vulgarity, obscenity, suggestive content and objectiveness of such shocking transgression.

Yes, many of us open our doors to transgressions. We let in one nasty word at a time, one obscene scene at a time, one suggestive connotation at a time. Slowly and progressively we become desensitized to Satan’s array of transgression. Before we realize it, we are watching and listening to things that were clearly sinful to us but a short time ago. We rationalize about these and other things also by saying, “Well, one more cigarette won’t hurt. One more drink won’t hurt. One more pull of the handle on a slot machine won’t hurt. One more questionable DVD (movie) won’t hurt. One more raunchy CD (music) won’t hurt, etc.” Everyone should know that all sinful habits begin with just a wee bit of something that would not meet God’s approval, something that will destroy a right relationship with God.

No, sin does not come into our homes in one big package. At the beginning sin comes to our homes in tiny packages, but the packages soon become bigger and bigger. The usual progression is from a “General Rating” to a “PG Rating” to a “PG13 Rating” to an “R Rating” to an “X Rating,” etc. Sly, wicked Satan isn’t going to unload and push his entire stockroom of transgression into our lives all at once. He’ll only tempt us with a small portion of his punishable stock.

How can we assure victory over sin? We can only attain victory over sin with the help of the Holy Spirit. Remember, our battle with Satan is a daily battle and with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, we will not lose our battle with sin. If we are a hostage of sin, the Holy Spirit can free us from the shackles that Satan and sin have put upon us; after all, is our bondage to sin making our lives any better?

If we could compare our lives without sin, this comparison would certainly make us aware of sin’s infectious design; however, not being able to see this comparison doesn’t give us the excuse to keep on sinning. Whether we sin little or much, we know that sin always results in adverse affects on our lives.

If we have a problem with sin (and we all do), who do we need to go to for help? Obviously, our greatest help is God. We have no excuse for not getting victory over sin because we have access to God twenty-four/seven. If we are sincere, God will supply His antidote (the Holy Spirit) who will then enable us to become triumphant over sin.

Common sense tells us that more of a bad thing will never do us any good, is never wise, yet Satan will try to divert us off the right path to his wrong path of sin and destruction. He will do his worst at trying to convince us that a little more sin won’t hurt.

Ponder Acts 26:18 Psalm 19:13 Romans 6:12, 23 James 4:7 


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